ATD Forum 2018 Spring Lab
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ATD Forum 2018 Spring Lab: Innovation Forward

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On March 6-8 we were joined by leaders in development and learning at the Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center in Washington, D.C. They came to experience the ways Booz Allen Hamilton had turned a strategic innovation blueprint into daily actions. Some of these actions included:

  • ways to adopt new technologies in your learning strategy
  • the role physical space plays in defining a culture and how people learn
  • skills such as design thinking and hackathons learning professionals can use to be more innovative
Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center | Washington D.C.
March 6-8, 2018

What is it about some organizations that keep them on the forefront of innovation across several industries? It's their relentless commitment to actions that continuously enable innovation and improved performance at every level. During this Forum Lab, we will explore how one of these companies, Booz Allen Hamilton, is reimagining learning today and everyday moving it forward as a corporate strategy. They have built an innovation blueprint that is inclusive of all business lines. Collectively, the organization paves the way to innovation – not one team, one person, but an entire organization of 22,000+ employees. You will also hear from other ATD Forum members that have reimagined the next-generation learning function to explore what is achievable.