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Is your talent management function being asked to be more strategic? Do you know what success would look like?

As influential leaders in the organization, our job is to invest in the long-term success of the company, not just solve ad hoc “training” problems. The solutions we recommend and the way we consult with business leaders impact the organization’s bottom line. To be successful amid constant change we must focus on the larger organizational ecosystem, using proven approaches to build additional capability and stimulate grassroots innovation. This requires having a large portfolio of tools to assess organizational gaps and accurately analyze performance deficiencies.

During the ATD Forum Fall 2019 Lab, you will explore ways to use collaborative tools and techniques to drive execution of organizational strategy. Benchmark and learn practices from others as well as build a network with senior learning leaders.

You will engage in activities that allow you to:

  • Differentiate the larger organizational system and invest in the long-term success of the organization (not just solving ad hoc “training” problems).
  • Serve as a trusted business learning advisor, including having difficult conversations with stakeholders.
  • Use a variety of strategic tools and techniques to assess and address opportunities for improvement at the enterprise level.

ATD Forum Labs are venues for peer-to-peer teaching and learning through interaction and engagement. Join us at Consumers Energy’s John G. Russell Leadership Center to flex your professional muscles by understanding and using high-impact maneuvers. ATD Forum Labs promote a non-vendor, no-consulting and no-marketing environment. Sessions are completely confidential. All non-Forum member registrations are reviewed by the Forum before being confirmed.

Attend the ATD Forum 2019 Fall Lab
Join us in Grand Rapids, MI from September 24-26. If you have questions, please contact Laleh Patel directly by email at
2019 Fall Lab Agenda
  • Introduction to the ATD Forum Lab
    2019 Advisory Group (Optional, but recommended for first time attendees)
  • Lab Launch
    The official start of the 2019 Fall Lab with networking and team activities
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Welcome/Safety Tailboard
  • Sprint 1: Overview and Context Setting
  • Flexing our Muscles
  • Keynote with Consumers Energy Executive
  • Nutrition Break
  • Sprint 2: Research
  • Pop-Up: Powerful Conversations
  • Networking Lunch
  • Sprint 3: Directions and Introductions
  • Sprint 3: Tools and Techniques A
  • Sprint 3: Tools and Techniques B
  • Nutrition Break
  • Sprint 3: Tools and Techniques C
  • Flexing our Muscles
  • Sprint 4: Capturing Discoveries and Insights
  • Tour – Russell Leadership Center
  • Next Steps
  • Closing and Transition
  • No-Host Optional Networking Dinner
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Welcome and Review
  • Sprint 5: Decision and Impact Story
  • Nutrition Break
  • Gallery Walk and Voting
  • Flexing our Muscles
  • Showcasing Impactful Decision Stories
  • TakeBack: Planned and Unplanned Learning: Member Examples
  • Preview of the 2020 Spring Lab
  • Review – Plus/Delta with Next Steps
  • Networking Lunch and Closing Activity
  • Adjourn
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