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How much progress have you made on your professional development this year? Update your self-assessment in the Talent Development Capability Model to see where you've improved and get a head start on your 2022 learning plan.

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The Accidental Trainer Podcast: Upskill Yourself and Your Workforce - Kelly Palmer

Chief Learning and Talent Officer at Degreed Kelly Palmer discusses how to leverage the content out there to upskill yourself to be better at your current and future roles. She also relays what's...

OrgDev Discussion Series: The Intersection of Belonging and Organization Development

For the first ATD OrgDev Discussion Series panel, we brought organization development thought leaders Peter Block, Tonya Wilson, Louise van Rhyn, Ed Hasan and Rosie Chirongoma together for a very raw...

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High-Impact Facilitation Skills: Seven Ways to Increase the Results of Your Training Delivery

Just because I said it doesn't mean you've learned it.' During this session you will explore the skills and techniques of a high-impact facilitator, including the seven transitions to use, the best Q...

How to Have Managers Involved in Training Programs

Doug Bushée, senior director for sales enablement at Gartner, discusses how to have managers involved in training programs. From initial ideas to execution and sustainability, Doug's insights are...

Toolbox Tip: How to Make a Hotspot in Articulate Rise

As an e-learning designer, you may need to create interactive labels, or hotspots, for your learning content. These are invisible buttons that are activated by hovering or clicking on them, and can...

Emotional Intelligence - Game Changing for Business. Life Changing for People

Interested in increasing engagement, resilience, productivity, well-being, leadership effectiveness or profitability? Enhancing creativity, collaboration and culture? Emotional Intelligence involves...

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