Organizational Effectiveness & Innovation

This track will concentrate on creating a culture of innovation to unleash employees' creative problem-solving abilities and ultimately impact the organization's bottom line.

  • Organization Design and Structure
  • Design of Measurements and Scorecards
  • Implementation of Change and Transformation
  • Developing Change Capability of Employee and Organization


Human Resource Technology

This track will concentrate on broad technology trends affecting talent development in a world of new technologies. These technologies contribute to learning focused organizations through mobile, informal, and social learning.

  • Big data for Human Resource
  • Human Resources Information System
  • Social Media
  • E-Learning Design/Development
  • Mobile
  • Platforms & Tools
  • Gamification and Simulations
  • VR/AR
  • AI
  • Robot
  • Learning Companion
  • Accessible Technology


Organizational Effectiveness & Innovation

This track will concentrate on how technology and business transform is reconstructing work and working lives.

  • Applying Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Job growth and technological change
  • Skills gap and skills churn
  • Connecting education and employment
  • Improving forecasts


Instructional Design

This track will concentrate on learning techniques for trainers with a specific focus on facilitation skills, competencies of a trainer, design and delivery methods, needs assessment and related core skills.

  • Design Techniques for Advanced Practitioners
  • Innovation in Design
  • How to Design Effective Technical Training
  • Integrating Behavioral Assessments into Training Programs
  • Incorporating Task Practice into Training Courses
  • Measurement and Evaluation



Human Resource Development

This track will concentrate on cross cultural issues including developing cultural awareness, global workforce development, and benchmarking.  

  • Regional Best Practices in Talent Development
  • Career Development
  • Talent Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Leadership Development
  • Managing Multiple Generations