Marci Meaux

Chair of ATD’s Board of Directors, Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Marci Meaux is the 2017 chairperson of the ATD board of directors, and a former vice president at Cisco. In her previous role, she was a key leader in the transformation of Cisco. Marci has managed large traditional organizations and small, innovative teams with the charter to disrupt the status quo. She has been named Woman of the Year by the Association of Women in Computing.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Marci is an acknowledged authority on building innovative partner and sales enablement programs that increase customer service ratings, reduce customer service response time, and improve organizational productivity.

Session: The Role of Talent Development in Successful Organizational Transformations

This session will focus on how to lead successful transformations. The speaker will share success stories from her time driving top change initiatives for a major computing coporation, and will engage you in thinking about the future of transformations. The session will explore insights on why transformations are important to businesses and individuals. You will learn what makes a transformation fail or succeed and how to prepare yourself and your organization for a successful transformation.