Training and development professionals looking for an in-depth education and mastery of training delivery skills now have a Master Trainer™ Program available to them. ASTD introduced the new Master Trainer assessment-based certificate program during its recent 2012 International Conference & Exposition in Denver, Colorado.

“Learning and development professionals have been asking ASTD to create an in-depth program that covers the entire delivering training area of expertise, and requires participants to prove their abilities” says Courtney Vital Kriebs, ASTD director of education. “The focus of the program is to help professionals prepare as the role of the trainer evolves, and more is demanded of their time and talent. They’ll have the opportunity to acquire and demonstrate all of the must-have abilities of the most engaging and effective trainers.”

At its recent conference ASTD held several events to share the background, research, and design of the program.  Participants felt strongly that this program is a unique or exclusive opportunity to distinctively advance their professional development in the delivering training area of expertise.  At one event, participants reviewed core content, met two of the ASTD expert facilitators delivering the program, and completed the professional inventory used during the program. 
The ASTD Master Trainer Program is a unique combination of a training event and assessment component. The program consists of three distinct parts which allow participants to tailor their learning to meet their personal and organizational needs. The program comprises an online orientation, in-person 4-day core course, and online elective. Participants must pass a knowledge test and skill-mastery demonstration to successfully complete the program and receive the ASTD Master Trainer certificate.

The first Master Trainer program will be offered June 26-29. Registration is now open.