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How to Influence Employees to Maximize Resources

Richard Moore | February 17, 2017 | Article

Leaders at the Tennessee Valley Authority discovered three key actions leaders can take to influence employees to care about agency initiatives.

The Great Generation Shift

The Emerging Post-Boomer Workforce
Bruce Tulgan | February 01, 2016 | Tool

This whitepaper describes the post-Baby Boomer shift that demographers and workforce planners have been anticipating for decades.

Prepare Now to Lead Later

Terri Tierney Clark | February 20, 2015 | Webcast

Excelling later at your job means planning your career from the start. Determine the best path for you by assessing your own skills, gaining line experience, and becoming aware of the characteristics of your industry’s leaders. You also need to optimize your performance reviews and polish your image. Lastly, adopt the markers of a leader, including the ability to innovate, operate in uncertainty, convey ideas clearly, and influence others. This webinar will give you guidelines on how to prepare now so that you will be chosen to lead later.

Management Makeover

ATD Staff | November 24, 2014 | Article

A global organization revamps its management development program for first-line leaders.

What It Takes to Achieve Managerial Success

Daniel Goleman | October 29, 2014 | Article

Four facets of emotional intelligence epitomize the necessary competencies.

The Nuts and Bolts of Virtual Supervision

ATD 2014: Session W117
Erika Tedesco | May 07, 2014 | Video

Do you, or your employees, work outside a traditional office? That might mean working from home on occasional mornings or being completely based at your local coffee shop. Perhaps you supervise sales staff in a large geographic area or are responsible for a team of global technology professionals. Mobile workforces are a growing and permanent trend and management strategies need to keep pace. In this session we will discuss the building blocks of managing your remote workforce. These foundational tools will help prepare you to lead, not just manage, your team. You will learn to: Align job descriptions with virtual positions, learn the top five words to include when building a job description for a remote employee, and manage meetings in the Cloud. You will be given a meeting template, which you will personalize, for use in facilitating remote meetings, delegate and monitor project progress, and evaluate your remote employee's performance. Use our simple form to help evaluate project performance and support your annual appraisal.

A Team of Leaders: Empowering Members to Take Ownership, Demonstrate Initiative, and Deliver Results

ATD 2014: Session W217
Stewart Liff | May 07, 2014 | Video

This session will teach you how to build a committed and high performing team where everyone ultimately becomes a leader. You will discover the integration of new and time-tested approaches to team development that will result in a dynamic and energetic team which will deliver outstanding results. You will learn how to apply these strategies, tools, and techniques in you organization and hear about examples of other organizations that have successfully applied them. Discover new possibilities for the way work can be performed. Work doesn't have to be drudgery; it can be exciting, stimulating, and fulfilling. Knowledge of basic management skills and an interest in team development is needed to attend.

Great Workplaces: How to Push Past Challenges, Real and Imagined

ATD 2014: Session TU217
Jennifer Robin | May 06, 2014 | Video

Great workplaces are more productive, rebound more quickly from economic downturn, and enjoy low recruiting and turnover costs. Happily, managers in any organization, department, or work group can create them—if they'll only get out of their own way first. Even when managers are committed to the idea of a great workplace, we find they often feel stuck—their organization is too big or too small; in a tough industry or geographic location; or made up of the 'wrong' kind of people or leaders. Great workplaces become that way by overcoming challenges, not by surrendering to them. In this session, the speakers will reveal the anatomy of an excuse (which is cognitive, organizational, and veritable challenge) and how to overcome it. Part research report, part stories from the trenches, part conversation with others about your workplace challenges, the session will leave you with both the tools and the inspiration to facilitate transformation at your organization.

Bring Your Strategy To Life: Innovations in Employee Engagement

ATD 2014: Session TU315
Kurt Hine | May 06, 2014 | Video

This highly participatory session will focus on innovative best practices for how senior leaders, managers, and the L&D function can collaborate to get employees aligned and energized during times of major change. The speakers will show how the principles of cognitive diversity, combined with a experiential-learning approach, helped employees at a major U.S. food company understand and embrace a new corporate direction. Using a case study approach, the speakers will share real-world lessons from their joint work with the company's CEO, L&D leaders, and extended management team. They will: Define and give examples of cognitive diversity—the different ways people see and experience organizational life, apply the latest neuroscience research to the challenge of promoting workforce engagement, share the innovative engagement model developed by Dialect to address the known differences in thinking styles and promote organizational 'sync' across departments, demonstrate why discovery learning has proved uniquely effective at translating a new strategy and creating meaning for employees, 'go under the hood' of the discovery learning developed for the company, including the incorporation of creative visuals, gaming elements, and small group discussion, describe the collaboration between the L&D team and the CEO in cascading the company's custom learning to the entire workforce, and discuss key takeaways for session attendees.

Converting Too Busy Managers into Can-Do Leaders of Workforce Development

ATD 2014: Session M217
James Millard | May 05, 2014 | Video

Have you ever received push back from managers when you ask them to take on more responsibility for developing their workforce? Do they give responses like: 'I'm just too busy!' 'My team's so lean now I find I have to take on more and more of the actual work, myself!' 'When I work with my team I've got my hands full just getting things done!' 'Isn't training your job?' Whether it's because of their specialized knowledge, or simply because they just don't have enough staff, many managers in today's cost-competitive, knowledge-driven business environment are increasingly finding themselves called upon to not only lead their team, but also roll up their sleeves and do some of the work. Despite this crunch, their staff still needs to be developed and managers are the best ones to drive this. But many managers are so busy doing, as well as managing, that they can't see how they can be actively developing their staff. In this session, using interactive case studies and hands-on exercises, participants will learn how managers who find themselves in the dual role of both leading and doing are particularly well positioned to develop their workforce without diminishing their ability to properly carry out their other important responsibilities. The speakers will share the 'multi-impacting' learning strategies that enable busy managers to become Can-Do Leaders who are actively developing their workforce.

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