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Infographic: Leaders as Teachers Research Report

Engaging Employees in High-Performance Learning
ATD Research | February 01, 2016 | Tool

In Leaders as Teachers: Engaging Employees in High-Performance Learning the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) partnered to identify and explore what high-performance organizations are doing to derive the greatest benefits from leader-as-teacher (LAT) programs. This Infographic visually captures the results of the research.

Harnessing the Power of Personalized Leadership Development

ATD 2014: Session W116
Tacy M. Byham | May 07, 2014 | Video

Personalized leadership development holds great potential to drastically change the learning experience. It taps participant engagement, promotes ownership, and builds independence and confidence, while maximizing the leader's learning potential based on their individual needs, abilities, and preferences. Today, learners have access to diverse content and are making their personal preferences known regarding what is included in their training and the format in which they receive that content. They want to focus on learning that is unique to their current situation taking into account where they are in their careers and in their lives. At the same time, we need to ensure that they are achieving their behavior development goals. In this interactive session, you will learn the five practices for harnessing the power of personalized leadership development: personalized content, personalized insight, personalized practice, personalized performance support, and personalized learning environment. Additionally, you will network with peers to share personalization successes and tips for incorporating the new mixes of face-to-face, social, electronic, virtual, and on-demand learning.

The Value of Learning: Gauging the Business Impact of Organizational Learning Programs

ATD 2014: Session TU319
Kevin Oakes | May 06, 2014 | Video

This session will deal with the key findings of the 2013 ASTD/i4cp study, The Value of Learning: Gauging the Business Impact of Organizational Learning Programs. The study combines insights from a blended research approach: Quantitative data from a survey fielded in September and October 2013 of 431 respondents, most with primary responsibility for organizational learning, represented organizations across all sectors and of varying sizes and geographic locations, and follow-up interviews with learning leaders who provided the qualitative input to supplement and illuminate survey findings. The study found little growth in learning functions' ratings of their effectiveness in meeting learning and development goals, supporting organizational business goals, and in measuring their overall capabilities when compared to an earlier (2012) ASTD/i4cp study, Developing Results: Aligning Learning's Goals and Outcomes With Business Performance Measures. Despite this, the study highlights the optimism that underlies both attention and effort. Survey results and interviews with learning leaders confirm that measurement, of both learning effectiveness and learning programs' impact on business outcomes, is on the minds of learning professionals and is in standard practice-albeit to varied degrees-in most organizations.

Becoming a Business-First, Big-Data L&D Leader

ATD 2014: Session TU104
Jenny Dearborn | May 06, 2014 | Video

When it's done right, learning drives business results. The latest research shows that companies with strong learning cultures are 42 percent more likely to be innovative, have 37 percent greater employee productivity, are 35 percent more responsive to customers' needs, and 17 percent more likely to be market share leaders.  Yet many talented learning leaders are still taking direction from stakeholders instead of serving as true strategic advisers to senior management. Find out why and, more importantly, what you can do about it. Learn about global best practices and success stories of top CLOs and business-first strategies you can adopt. And, discover how you, too, can leverage 'big data' and analytics to prove your impact and earn your seat at the strategic table. Join the speaker for statistics, insights, and more on one of the most important topics in the L&D field today.  At this session, you will discover and discuss: the evolving role of the modern CLO, typical barriers to business partnership, and how to overcome them, why and how to employ measurable results using data and analytics, and looking beyond learning to make an impact.

Business Results Made Visible: Design Proof Positive Level 4 Evaluations

ATD 2014: Session TU204
Ken Phillips | May 06, 2014 | Video

According to a 2009 ROI Institute study, the number one thing CEOs would most like to see from their learning and performance investments is evidence of Level 4 business results. Yet according to the same study, only 8 percent of CEOs actually receive this type of information. Why the big disconnect? Arguments offered up by some learning and development professionals include: Level 4 business results are too difficult to measure; the high probability of uncontrollable variables affecting business outcomes makes measuring business results meaningless; and that they are currently only conducting Level 1 and 2 evaluations so they can't be expected to conduct Level 4s. While there may be an element of truth in each of these statements, none is going to convince a single CEO that he or she shouldn't expect to see evidence of business results from the company's learning investments. So what's the solution? The short answer is: Provide CEOs with what they want. In this session, attendees will discover which learning programs are ideally suited for conducting a Level 4 evaluation; examine the two phases involved in conducting a Level 4 evaluation and the four guiding principles associated with each phase; and analyze three methods for connecting learning programs to business results and how to determine when to use each method.

Show Me the Money: Moving From Impact to ROI

ATD 2014: Session M111
Patti P. Phillips | May 05, 2014 | Video

'Show me the money!' has become the standard response from individuals who are asked to support or invest in workplace learning and performance. This session is a basic guide for anyone involved in implementing major projects who wants to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of their projects. ROI is an economic indicator developed using a simple equation common in standard accounting practice. To get to ROI, you must move beyond reporting program impact and actually show the money. In this interactive session you will learn the five steps to move from impact to ROI. Don't forget your calculator!

Big Data for Learning and Performance Support: The Secret Sauce to Deliver True Value

ATD 2014: Session SU210
Ger Driesen | May 04, 2014 | Video

What exactly is Big Data and how can it be useful for learning and performance support? Big Data is a hot topic that pops up in all kinds of professional areas these days. Within the field of L&D there is a tendency to connect Big Data to learning analytics. This is the obvious way to go and will only bring about minor benefits related to evaluation and business impact. Instead, we should focus on the essence and possibilities of Big Data. Where learning analytics focuses on delayed feedback, Big Data unlocks the potential for real-time feedback or even predictive information. This will generate exciting new possibilities for learning and performance support in what could become an ambient intelligent workplace. The session will answer the following questions: What exactly is Big Data, where does it come from, and what are exiting applications today? What is the history and nature of the use of data and analytics in L&D? How can we shift from feedback to feed forward by applying Big Data in learning and performance support? What are the ethical implications for applying Big Data in L&D? Big Data versus Big Brother? What are the implications of Big Data for the L&D profession and how can you as a L&D professional stay in the lead and benefit from Big Data initiatives?

Negotiating Skills That Create Measurable Results: A Case Study

ATD 2014 Session: SU104
Marty Finkle | May 04, 2014 | Video

If you are looking to make an impact on your organization by embedding negotiation in your business, you should listen to the stories from these panelists. They will share how they did it and what made it so impactful. Their stories will include their experience in the classroom, engagement after, measuring the results, ideas around sustainability, and application to their business. The session's panel, which includes executive buyers and sellers from various major companies, will discuss the application of negotiation skills and the impact it has had on their businesses. You will hear about real-world results, ROI, and behavioral data, as well as why it was so impactful and sustainable. They will give feedback on what worked, what did not, and how to keep your consultant and your team fully engaged.

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