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Triggers: Becoming the Person We Want to Be

Marshall Goldsmith | December 14, 2015 | Webcast

Marshall Goldsmith is the world’s authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive, lasting behavior. In this fast-paced, interactive webcast, he will share his insights on why we don’t become the person we want to be—why change is so difficult for all of us.

Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer

Sue Kaiden | November 20, 2015 | Webcast

Developing your resume can be a thankless and frustrating task. Ask 10 people for their opinions and you'll get 10 different answers! To help you sift through the advice, we have spoken with some of the best resume writers in the country. Join Sue Kaiden to hear about their secrets and the latest thinking on developing a resume that will get you noticed.

How to Advance Your Career in Government

Michelle Carroll | October 27, 2015 | Webcast

If you work for a government entity, your career development needs differ from those in the private sector. Join us for a special members-only Ask-a-Coach webcast with career coach Michelle Carroll. Michelle will answer common questions that she hears from government employees, as well as queries posed by you during this interactive webcast. Submit your questions when you register and come prepared with additional issues on the day of the session. If you coach government employees about their careers, Michelle can answer your questions as well. Don't miss this unique opportunity for a group coaching session!

Blind Leading the Blind, or Brilliant Use of Millennial Talent: You Decide.

ATD 2014 Session: M305
Adele Lynn | May 05, 2014 | Video

You've seen the headlines: 'Gimme, Gimme, Gimme; Millennials in the Workplace' and 'New Polls Shows Many Think Millennials Aren't Hard Workers.' Thanks to these stereotypes, many of today's workplace learning efforts have been focused on understanding generational differences and helping leaders manage Millenials. Using a unique case study, this session will discuss techniques aimed at assisting new hire Millennials with on-boarding, cultural integration, and career development in the organization. This approach uses Millenials' emotional intelligence to help them navigate the organization in a way that is productive for themselves, as well as their boomer and X'er bosses. The three phase program helps Millenials measure, understand, and develop their emotional intelligence and apply these concepts to their job, organization, and career. Through this program they will gain: tools for understanding, valuing, and respecting their organization, career intelligence about their organization, a peer mentor to exchange career intelligence, and further develop job and organizational skills. This session will include a detailed outline of the project, timetable, project results (including viewpoints from the Millenials and their bosses), and an overview of the three exercises used in the curriculum.

Career Development Conversations: Overcoming Common Myths

Beverly Kaye, Julie Winkle Giulioni | April 26, 2012 | Article

Help your employees to grow their careers, one conversation at a time.

Coaching Up and Down Generations

Coaching for Catalysts
November 16, 2010 | Book Chapter

Coaching Up and Down Generations: Coaching for Catalysts - Fundamentals for Creating Great Coaching Moments

Harness the Power of Coaching (Member Benefit)

Jennifer Long | October 01, 2003 | TD at Work

TD at Work issue: Harness the Power of Coaching - do you want to significantly improve the behavior and skills of an individual or organization? This issue will show you how to drive performance development by making it a fundamental part of your organization's culture. A five-step method ensures your efforts move in the right direction and produce results. Included are tools for mapping coaching events, assessing the learning needs of coaches, and a coaching evaluation questionnaire.

Creating Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Building a Sustainable Mentoring Process
January 01, 2001 | Book Chapter

Creating Coaching and Mentoring Programs: Case Study - Building a Sustainable Mentoring Process

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