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Industry Speaks Up

July 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

A few months ago, A. D. LeMonte, Director of Public Relations for the Mullins Manufac-turing Corporation of Warren, Ohio, addressed the Michigan Training Council in one of the outstanding meetings of the year. The subject of Mr. LeMonte's address was "INDUSTRY SPEAKS UP" and was concerned with a report on the activities of the Industrial Information Institute which recently ended its second year of successful operation in a four county area around Youngstown, Ohio.

Chapter News

July 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

Fred Maytag, II, president of the Maytag Company, Newton, Iowa, is shown above receiving an honorary membership in the Iowa Industrial Training Association. The member-ship, first of its kind to be awarded, was presented during the group's summer session.

The IndustrialistS Point Of View

Lt. Gen | July 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

Before I address myself to the subject you have given me tonight, I feel that it may be of some interest to you if I recount very briefly the details of my own experience in industry, so that you may know the back-ground from which I speak. My first experience of industry was in coal. When f was a boy at school and at college, I used to spend my holidays and long vaca-tions in coal mines in Yorkshire, Durham, and Northumberland.

Scientific Selection

O. M. Aders | July 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

Tn order to do a better job of selecting, I should like to point out three major things that must be done. Some may say there are more, but I should like to emphasize three.

Training Opportunities At Little Cost

C. F. Hoffmaster | July 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

Adults in general and industrial workers specifically have a wonderful opportunity to obtain a liberal or a practical education, or both, at little cost. Only in the United States are so many educational opportunities available to so many for so little.

Training Check Lists

July 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

Charles V. Youmans, supervisor-coordinator for the Western Trade School, Bowling Green, Kentucky, formerly served as superintendent of job and techni-cal training for the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, installation of the Tennessee-Eastman Corp. As a result of his experience, he has devised a series of check lists designed to cover each of the major phases of a training director's responsibility.

The PresidentS Column July 1949

July 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

This is my first opportunity since entering office as president to express myself in this portion of the Journal. I am going to have a lot of fun in this corner during the term of my office, but 1 am going to open my mind and voice my opinions on things that may give rise to controversy.

Shamrock Hotel Training Program

D.L.Belcher | July 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

The Industrial Extension Service of Texas A. & M. College was given the task of training the 1200 employees of Houston's famed Sham-rock Hotel. The training program was designed to leave in the hotel a competent staff of personnel trained to carry on the various units of the program.

Apprenticeship In England

Clifford Finch | March 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

A sound apprenticeship program is vital to the success of Britain's production drive. It is also one of the pillars of the Labour Gov-ernment's policy of continued full employ-ment, a necessary part of its planned economy. The problems of apprenticeship are therefore receiving increased attention in Britain today.

Induction Training For New Supervisors

Waynf. E. Grimm | March 01, 1949 | TD Magazine Archive

Good supervisors are not made by pinning a shining badge on some hourly rated workman with a passing comment—"tomorrow, you take over the department". Industry has become too large and too complicated to operate success-fully under such outmoded procedure; it recog-nizes the need for selecting only the most com-petent, loyal and promotable employees to be-come members of managemen

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