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Appraising A Supervisory Training Program

Bill N. Taylor | November 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

A STATEMENT on human relation-ships made in die 5th Century B.C. by Pericles introduces us to a recent book titled Human Relations in Modern Industry. The author, Dr. R. F. Tred-gold, an eminent London psychiatrist, uses the reference to prove that although "human relations" is a new term, it is not a new subject; and that its impor-tance has been recognized before.

Training Instructors For Industry

Herman J. Gemuenden | November 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

M Y ASSIGNMENT is to present the views of professional training direc-tors on the subject, "Training Instructors for Industry." In preparation for this presentation a questionnaire was sent to 100 industrial training directors se-lected to secure a cross section of small to large operations in a variety of in-dustries in all parts of the country.

Industrial Training In The Present Economy

E. G. Hildebrand | November 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

DUE, NO DOUBT, to the foresight of its pioneers, the Canadian Industrial Trainers' Association was organized vir-tually at the beginning of the cunent phenomenal expansion in Canadian in-dustry. And in that period (since 1944) your association has made a notable con-tribution toward the solution of at least one of management's problems—the training of its personnel.

AmaS Management Center Features New Conference Rooms

Lois Stewart | November 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

TRAINING DIRECTORS WHO ARE thinking of building or remodeling con- ferenee rooms can pick up some mouth-watering ideas from the American Man-agement Association's new Manage-ment Center, 330 West 42nd Street, New York City. AA-lA's conference rooms are keyed to small-group discussions.

PresidentS Message November 1951

November 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

Our good friends and benefactors, Drs. C. H. "Chuck" Lawshe and John 11. Mori arty of Purdue, have assured the Convention Committee that they will furnish, from the ASTD Librarv, an exhibit of selected home grown materials through which our Membership and Conferees may "browse" during the Convention at French Lick, March 12 to 14. There is only one hitch! . . . And here is where you, my reader, come into the picture.

Indiana Trainers Plan For Coming Year

September 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

Officers of the Industrial Training Association of Indiana (Indianapolis) discuss their plans for the coining year. The program includes nine meetings, September through June, with the exception of March in 1952.

PresidentS Message September 1951

September 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

To Walt Shaw and George McLaughlin are due much praise and appreciation for their most generous and excellent work in editing and managing the Journal. I he satisfaction of accomplishment in service to others, and your expressions of confidence and satisfaction constitute their only compensation for arduous and continuous labor in carrying full respon-sibility for one of the most important functions of the American Society of Training Directors.

Outline Of A Training Policy

September 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

Training and good supervision go hand in hand. Neither one is possible without the other. There-fore, the quality and amount of training he administers is one measure of a supervisor's ability.

Industry Practice In Training Technical Personnel

H. G. Vesper And D. H. Etzler | July 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

INDUSTRIAL PRACTICE in train-ing technical personnel is a subject of widespread interest, and has become the object of special consideration by several organizations. One of these is the In-dustrial Research Institute, Inc., and the authors are indebted to that group for permission to use recent data from its files as the principal basis for this paper.

Taking The Mystery Out Of Communications

Harold P. Zelko | July 01, 1951 | TD Magazine Archive

THE COMMUNICATIONS prob-lem has been brought sharply into focus in American industry and busi-ness. The amount of copy appearing in various management and personnel journals on this subject perhaps equals that devoted to any other single phase of the industrial relations problem.

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