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A New Approach To The Training Of Trainers

November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

"The training I'm getting is really TNT!" That's a statement heard more and more often at Hardware Mutuals these days. When trainees make comments like that, it's a sign that the trainer is apply-ing the lessons he learned in the "TNT" course.

A CollegeBusiness Exchange Program

John D. Staley | November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

Each summer since 1948, the Founda-tion for Economic Education has ad-ministered a nation-wide program of Fellowships in Industry for college and university faculty personnel. Thus far, the 112 participating companies have awarded fellowships to 392 indiv

Methods Of Increasing Knowledge

Jack W. Taylor | November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

To the newcomer to this odd activity called industrial training, it must some-times seem that we, the practitioners of the profession, are as foolishly fickle and fad-minded as the womenfolk whose willing (eager?) submission to the tyran-nies of high fash

TomorrowS Training Director

W. C. Christensen | November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

The nature of training is to create in people desirable changes in knowledge, skill, attitude, and behavior. In this pre-sentation, the term "training director" will be utilized to include all training personnel engaged in education and training in busine

Roadblocks In Industrial Training

Robert P. Cort | November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

Training in an industrial organization must always be the direct responsibility of line management. In fact, training in the broadest meaning of the term—i.e., communicating ideas to others-is the most important tool of the supervisor, who normally is a p

Supervisory Training And Employee Attitudes

Theodore R. Lindholm | November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

Competent leadership has always been a deciding factor in the success of busi-ness enterprises. In recent years, the importance of leadership at all levels right down to the first line supervisor or foreman has been receiving increasing recognition.

Refresher Training

Qujntin W. Guerin | November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

How does one go about organizing and selling an employee on accepting training in an area in which his or her prestige is at stake? This problem was met and we think successfully handled in the program designed to meet a defi-nite training need.

The Finnish Institute Of Industrial Supervision

Jouko Koljonen | November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

Finland is a small country between Sweden and Russia. It has only four million people and until World War 11 Finland was principally an agrarian na-tion.

The Trainee Speaks

November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

Youve hired me—and now 1 qet train-ing to help me be worth more to your business than my pay. Brief me on your organization.

PresidentS Message November 1953

November 01, 1953 | TD Magazine Archive

Your Society enjoyed another successful year in growth and development. It is felt that journal readers will be interested in a few highlights of progress and activity recorded on the '53 calendar.

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