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A Code Of Standards For Professional Training People

I-Ioward Shout | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

Business and industrial training has developed into a considerable educa-tional force in our nation. Untold num-bers of our adult citizens are influenced by it yearly in acquiring greater skill and understanding on their jobs.

DonT Buy My Boss Product

Ira S. Greinsky | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

No training directors should ever have the occasion to plan training ses-sions advocating the purchase of less of the boss' product. However, this ex-perience was mine recently.

The Spiral Analysis Method

Neely D. Gardner | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

"VV hats the meaning of all the spirals?" asked Bill, waving in a genereal way at newsprint charts taped to the conference room wall. "Are you trying to teach departmental managers something about the mysteries of Galaxy 1306?" Bill is the Administrative

Facts And Fallacies Of Management Development

William Welp | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

"The greatest potential for American industry lies in the development of its management manpower." "In the next four years the demand for management positions will increase with twice the rate as the supply of eligible men."

Mr Trainer What Next

James H. Morrison | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

Every so often, the members of any profession should pause long enough to see where they are . . . where they've been . . . and where they're going. It's high time that Training Directors un- o O dertake such a project.

Take Training Out Of The MidWay

Leslie This | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

The other evening my eight year old son was going to a party for a young miss celebrating her seventh birthday. As he was leaving the house he asked, "Dad, what do I say when she answers the door?"Being a professional trainer, I recog-nized this as an opp

Response Training For Better Communication

F. |. Selibert | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

Over forty years ago Frank T. Carleton Writing in the Journal of Political Econ-omy pointed out that while the world outside was moving toward democracy, absolutism was characteristic of leader-ship in business. Today the same charge is repeated.

Sales Training Its Importance To Training Men

Wallace Y. Strathern | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

Can the Sales Trainers' methods and techniques be of help to industrial and business training people? They most cer-tainly can! Are the training directors of America making use of this help? The answer, with a few exceptions, appears to be no.HaVING been

Staff Member And Supervisor

C. C. Crawford | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

Here is a composite of what ten con-sultants and ten clients wrote down as the rules that should govern the con-sultant-client relationship. They wrote for about six minutes in a workshop sponsored by the American Society of Training Directors, at the 12t

Pro Par

Robert S. Boaz | November 01, 1956 | TD Magazine Archive

An active union officer told me the other day: "Many union meetings have been spoiled because of a minority group without knowhow trying to railroad an idea through." The Vice-President of a logging com- OO O pany recently stated: "We can't seem to get de

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