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The Principles Of RolePlaying

Dr. Joseph G. Phelan | December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

Role-playing is aimed at improving the ability to work with people, the ability to communicate successfully in face-to-face situations.Role-playing simulates actual inter-personal situations.

Training Of Foreign Nationals By U S Industry

George T. Gulp | December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

I would like to describe two programs that are contributing toward the develop-ment of our employees and broadening the educational horizons for Venezuelans.I. Advanced Management Program.

Soviet Training Literature Abstracts

December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

A oreat deal of interest has been evidenced recently in USSR scientific and technical literature and in their educational and training methods. Consequently, the journal is publishing these abstracts of articles from recent issues (May and June, 1958) of

San Diego S Middle Management Institutes

J. Wilson Getsinger | December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

1 he new announcements were out. As usual there were institutes, seminars, classes and courses.

Letters To The Editor December 1958

December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

"I have just read again the Hellman-Surles article in the August Journal, 'A Grey Flannel Mouth,' and 1 feel compelled to take the role of respondent again and try to answer this article. I think it has several misconceptions in it about the use of the di

The Road Ahead

J. E. Gallagher | December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

When one reflects a moment, the growth and expansion of the American Society of Training Directors has been little short of phenomenal. Having its be-ginning in the early forties, it has come since 1946 from a membership of approxi-mately 100 in four or f

Executive Development Workshop A Case History

Quintin W. Guerin | December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

Taking a page from the American management Association's "Top Management Decision-Making Games" and the techniques developed by the National training Laboratory in Group Development (Bethel), the Industrial Relations Staff of the Great LAKES Navel Supply

A Philosophy Of Industrial Training

Gordon S. Watts | December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

The history and development of man-kind is replete with the quest for learn-ing. Our world society of today, troubled as it is by opposing ideologies and strug-gles for power, is nevertheless far ad-vanced from ancient days in culture and knowledge.

Harvard National Business Conference Challenge

Ernest D. Phelps | December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

Focusing their attention on the theme of "Management's Mission in a New Society,"1 over 2000 alumni, associates, faculty, and guests of the Harvard Busi-ness School met at Boston on September 5 and 6 for the 28th National Business Conference, and to comme

Junior Engineering Technical Society

December 01, 1958 | TD Magazine Archive

The JETS program was initiated by Michigan State University in 1950 as an experimental program to stimulate and guide high school students in se-lecting engineering and science as a carecr. i lie program has been so suc-cessful that it now consists of 37

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