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The Nonpromotable Manager A Training And Development Challenge

John Douglas | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

It is almost superfluous in these times to say that our organizations — govern mental, business, and educational need more and better-equipped man agers. The effective administration of complex organizations by a competent management force continues to be

Precepts Are Precepts Are Precepts

Leslie E. This | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

I heories of management, employee motivation, productivity, morale, leader-ship — and the inter-relationships among these — are almost as numerous as man-agement development programs, courses, workshops and institutes. Many of these theories are universit

What Is Management Development

Edward G. Winter | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Just about "everyone" has a manage-ment development program nowadays. No self respecting head of administra-tion would be caught dead without a "manager," a "director" or a "coordi-nator" of management development on the payroll.

Western Regional Conference Report

Donald R. Roberts | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

When, for the 11th time, a Western Regional ASTD Training Conference was called to order on October 10, the host chapter was San Francisco and the anounced theme was "Opening Doors to New Ideas in Training and Develop-ment." It soon became evident that th

PresidentS Christmas Greeting

Robert B. Sale | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

The Magnificent Man whose work was so inspiring that the whole Christian world is a present day reality is with us.He is here whenever our behavior is the outcome of meditations based on fairness, sendee to others, and the willingness to sacrifice self fo

Book Reviews December 1962

Samuel N. Magill | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

This little scrambled book is long overdue. Although several papers have been presented at conferences and pro-fessional meetings on the importance and methods of stating educational and training objectives in behavioral (per-formance) terms, this is the

A Critical Look At Training In American Industry

Walter R. Mahler | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

The iconoclast seems to appear in print more often than other types ofobservers of the passing scene. Certainly, this is true in the literature on training,

A Study Of Comparative Methods Of Teaching Basic Electricity

Leroy N. Geer | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

lie purpose of the study was to com pare two methods of teaching basic elec tncity: a conventional method and £ method using programed instruction T he control group was termed Con ventional.

Orientation Programs In The Federal Government

Lawrence C. Bangs, Jr. | December 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Although 87% of the government agencies which submitted training re-Jiorts to the U. S. Civil Service Com-mission in 1959 indicated that they sponsored orientation programs for new employees, these programs vary a great deal from Agency to Agency, in term

Evaluating Supervisor Training

Wii.Liam W. Harper | November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Education and training specialists have been busy, during the past decade, preparing and presenting supervisor training programs. Some organizations prefer to call them supervisor develop-ment programs or some other descriptive title, but the same ideal p

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