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The Ivory Tower Attitude Of Training

Harry E. Neel | December 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

The new employee stiffened in his chair on the back row of the meeting room. Others around him shuffled their feet in anticipation as the training di-rector made his grand entrance.

Contract Negotiations A Laboratory Approach

Floyd S. Brandt And Charles R. Klasson | December 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

How does one measure the scope and die magnitude of collective bargaining in this society? That it is a significant activity can be deduced from a simple enumeration of the number of union members, the number of contracts and the number of people directly

Educational Investment Strategy

James L. Blum | December 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

Throughout the world today it seems agreed that education is important, not only for enabling individuals to realize their full human potentialities but for enabling nations to realize their aspira-tions for economic and social develop-ment. In the last f

Middle Management Development In Industrial Organizations

M. Gene Newport | December 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

As indicated in the previous article, early efforts at supervisory development in the 1920s and 1930s often resulted in the establishment of additional de-velopment programs for individuals at the lower levels of middle management. However, programs for t

Basic Leadership Abilities

Guy B. Arthur, Jr. | December 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

Mediocre supervisors seem to be the rule rather than the exception, accord-ing to the employee opinion surveys we have conducted. These surveys covered some three hundred thousand employees, from coast to coast, over a fifteen year period.

ComputerBased Instruction Today And Tomorrow

Louis S. Goodman | December 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

The use of electronic data processing systems as teaching systems in business and industry today is not only technically feasible, but can be economically justified if a processing center is shared for a combination of management func-tions. Present techn

Book Reviews December 1964

Samuel B. Magill | December 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

Few industries cling with greater tenacity to the old cliche, "Our work is different" than the hospitals. It is only with the greatest reluctance that a hos-pital will adopt a technique simply be-cause it has been successful in business organizations.

A Quantitative Evaluation Of A Motivational Training Program For Blue Collar Workers

Norman E. Stander, Rolph Townshend, Jr. And Gerald E. Swartz | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

As technology becomes more sophisticated, and equipment more complex, the criteria for acceptable standards of workmanship become more stringent. Industry has responded to the need for higher quality workmanship by emphasizing specialization and introduci

Gearing Leadership Training To The Individual ManagerS Needs

Norman R. Miller | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

One of the gross failures of many lead-ership training programs is their almost exclusive concentration on either the group process or a particular theoretical orientation to leadership. After examin-ing such programs, one is left with the feeling that th

Developing Case Studies

Bradford B. Boyd | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

Using short case studies in training sessions has long been heralded by train-ing directors and conference leaders as an ideal means of developing the in-volvement that trainees need. A good instructor knows that the case study method gives the trainee an

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