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Training By the Book

Jennifer J. Salopek | December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Discusses the success of the training and development industry book publishing sector. Expenditures for off-the-shelf materials in 1998; Survey results on book purchasing and recommending; Suggested system for evaluating a book purchase or deciding one's assessment of a book read; Concept of books; Readability; Timeliness; Recommended training books; Types of training books.

Once Upon an HRD Book Club

Ded Bonner | December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Recounts the authors' experience as members of a human resource development book group. Practical tips on maximizing the benefits for members; Description of the different types of book groups; Opportunities for a self-directed learning in a social aspect; Estimated number of book groups in the United States; Tips on starting a book group; Choice of books; Suggested discussion topics.

Training in the Dilbert Economy

Anthony P. Carnevale | December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Discusses the impact of the advances in information technology on the United States economy and its labor force. Displacement of workers resulting from technological breakthroughs in manufacturing processes; Shift of job opportunities from the manufacturing to the services sector; Shortage of high-tech information workers; Economic myths and realities; Demand for general cognitive skills.

What to Keep

December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Discusses systems and practices the human resources training and development industry will maintain and those they will give up in the 21st century. Discarding duplicitous relationships with colleagues; Advantages of having an inquisitive outlook; Benefits of benchmarking, checklists, global perspectives; Need to change convoluted language; Avoidance of the practice of grouping people on what they are good at.

Those Crucial Kudos

Jennifer J. Salopek | December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Discusses the need for managers to recognize the quality of work and performance of employees. Incentive programs used by management to commend employees for a job well done; Impact of lack of recognition on job satisfaction; Benefits of manifesting a manager's appreciation for the work rendered by subordinates; Formal recognition training programs; Establishment of guidelines on what and how managers should recognize.

The InnerOuter You at Work

William David Thompson | December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Presents perspectives on people's ability to work well in a team atmosphere. Importance of interpersonal skills in the work environment; Illustration of how one's social skills can enhance his chances of getting hired; Need for team consciousness and thoughtfulness; Illustration of a team environment or a spirited workplace; Development of one's team spirit; Significance of knowing the value of colleagues.

As the HRD World Churns

Patricia A. McLagan | December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Highlights developments and trends sweeping human resources management. Changes in the nature of work; Acceleration of work processes; Emergence of direct business-to-business transactions; Integration of the Internet in the structural model of organization; Rise of the bargaining power of the workforce; Impact of information technology on the business sector; Increased democracy and participation governance in companies.

Four HRD Scenarios of the Future

Joe Willmore | December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Presents possible scenarios on how professions might evolve in the early years of the 21st century. Impact of international events on the career decisions of young and well-educated professionals; Outsourcing of human resources management work and functions; Proliferation of interaction and networking among professionals worldwide; Investment in intellectual capital; Prevalence of corporate mergers.

Cooking Up Effective Team Building

Howard Prager | December 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Discusses the emergence of team building in human resources programs in United States business enterprises. Illustration of team-based structures; Demand for effective team training concepts; Description of the Team Banquets program developed by the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management; Tips for developing a team building program.


Craig R. Wheatley | November 01, 1999 | TD Magazine Archive

Highlights the role of trainers in delivering the promise of their companies' branding and identity in the United States. Focus on customer experience; Disconnect between promised values and actual behavior; Brand strategy as the frontier of training.

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