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Email Overload

William Powell | December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Interviews Andy Kaufman, director of the Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development, on ways in which employees can manage their electronic mail messages effectively. Reasons why people find it difficult to manage their email; Suggestions offered by Kaufman regarding emails that people want to save; Ways in which unnecessary mails to co-workers can be avoided.

Are You a Seeker or an Avoider

Mark L. Berman | December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Comments that trainers in organizations can play an important role in converting avoiders, employees who avoid responsibility and negative feedback, into seekers, employees who try to achieve positive results on the job. Threats that avoiders pose to the organizations; Ways in which avoiders can be identified; Steps that can be taken to make avoiders come out of their avoidance mode.

Crisis Looming

Eva Kaplan-Leiserson | December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Focuses on untapped human resources in the U.S that can help companies run smoothly in case of a labor shortage. Incentives that can be offered to older workers to stay in companies to offer wisdom and experience; Ways in which college students can be made productive employees for companies; Other groups that can prove productive for companies if organizations develop specific programs to meet these workers' needs.

Executive Update

December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Focuses on trends in tenures of chief executive officers (CEO) of companies across the U.S. Problems that CEOs are plagued with; Factors that account for majority cases of CEO departures; Ways in which the trend of short tenures among CEOs can be prevented.

ENews Open Course Ware Update

December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Reports on the decision taken by Massachusetts Institute of Technology to make course materials available for free on the internet. Future upgradation plans of the institute; Material which is available online.

DMV Does the D stand for dumb

Haidee E. Allerton | December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Recounts experiences of author at Division of Motor Vehicles in Washington (D.C) where she went to renew her driving license. Written exam that the author was made to take; Condition under which the author could take her driving test; Problems faced by the author while renewing her license plates.


Craig R. Taylor | December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Presents executive summaries of articles on industrial management published in December 2002 edition of the journal 'T+D.' Reasons why people who imbibe both change and stability in their work attitudes are successful; Ways in which avoiders at workplaces can be turned into seekers; Points to be kept in mind to make changes at workplaces successful.


Haidee E. Allerton | December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Urges readers to develop themselves as individuals and professionals. Developments brought in the layout and content of the publication 'T+D' for January 2003 issue; Reasons why world business has caused individuals to rethink their personal business.

Success With Change

Patricia A. McLagan | December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Part II. Focuses on ways in which changes brought about in organizations can be made successful. Factors that can help determine whether the changes made would add value to the company; Challenges faced in meeting the changes; Importance of managers and leaders in making change successful.

Focus on Talent

Craig R. Taylor | December 01, 2002 | TD Magazine Archive

Presents case study of Sprint PCS and the retention firm TalentKeepers who tackled the problem of unwanted employee turnover which is one of the biggest problems companies in the U.S. Factors which have led to an increase in employee turnover; Importance of leadership in influencing employees' decision to stay or leave the company; Importance of identifying competencies vital for creating a high-retention culture.

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