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AstdNatd Affiliation Complete

September 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

WHEN THE ASTD BOARD of Directors held their fall meeting at the Eight-State Regional Conference on the Purdue Campus October 6, their first business was to ratify unanimously the petition of the National Association of Training Directors of New York City for formal affiliation. This brings the fastest growing and largest unaffiliated local in-to the national pic-ture.

PresidentS Message September 1950

September 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

In my first effort in this corner I advocated increas-ing the term of the president and secretary to two years. At that time 1 had been elected under a con-stitution which provided for a one year term with the sge of accepting one reelection.

Role Playing Can Be Effective

K. A. Moody | September 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

THE BEIIAVIOR of most individuals is influenced by concepts of "roles." 1 be father, consciously or unconsciously, is influenced in his behavior toward his children by a generalized pattern of "father" behavior his society has come to expect. From the doctor, the clergy-man, the school teacher, etc. society ex pects fairly well-defined patterns of be-havior.

Astd Representatives At Washington Meeting

July 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

At 9:00 a.m., August 21, five repre-sentatives of ASTD sat down with representatives from three government agencies and the TWI Foundation in Washington for a conference called by the National Security Resources Board. ASTD members were: F. S. Laffer, President of ASTD and Training Direc-tor of Cleveland Graphite Bronze Com-pany, Cleveland, Ohio; C. A. McBride, Secretarv-Treasurer ASTD and 1 rain-ing Director, Osborn Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio; John Peart, Training Director, I he North American Aviation Company, Los Angeles, Cal-ifornia; H. J. Gemuenden, Montreal Mining Company, Montreal, Wiscon-sin; H. Walter Shaw, McGraw-Hill, New York, who also represented the National Association of Training Direc-tors and the Industrial Training Coun-cil of New York State.

4Th Annual Training Conference Successful

July 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

The fourth annual conference ol training directors sponsored by the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University on July 6-7, 1950. The general objec-tive of the conference was to provide those attending with an opportunity to discuss and observe demonstrations of "Technicjues of Managerial Develop-ment."

A Service Publication Industrial Training Abstracts

July 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

In 1946 the Michigan Industrial Training Council (now Michigan Training Council) and the Department of Personnel Methods of Wayne Uni-versity recognized the need for an ab-stracting service for those working in and interested in the r exp g field of industrial training. I hat recog-nition res in a quarterly journal, Industrial Training Abstracts, subsidized by the Michigan Training Council and the Wayne University Press.

Research In Human Relations And Training

Dr. Keith C. Harder | July 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

The Office of Naval Research carries out its mission by contracts with in-dustry, private research institutions, and universities. Research contracts are in the nature of agreements and offer the scientist freedom to initiate, explore, teach, and publish in carrying out basic and applied research for the Navy.

Chicago Convention Proceedings Available

July 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

The New Challenge in Management Performance-Carroll E. French Human Relations Training for Super-visors—W. E. Parker

How To Make Ideas Stick

Louis B. Allen | July 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

THE SPOKEN WORD ALONE cannot do an effective training job. In fact, words themselves make little impression unless they are repeated ener-getically and endlessly. Few of us want to use parrots as trainers.

PresidentS Message July 1950

July 01, 1950 | TD Magazine Archive

Here I am again and I wish as I write this I might know what is going to happen in the world tomorrow and the next day and the next day until you readers read this. One thing I do know, tilings are popping with your officers who are deep in trying to plan with the Government to make ASTD useful if the country strikes an emergency where they need us to function full force.

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