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Selection And Training Of Computer Programmers At The NavyS Electronics Supply Office1

Alexander Adams | November 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

The most carefully constructed system and the most highly advanced computers are of no value without a competent staff of trained personnel to operate them. No organization should proceed into the field of Electronic Data Processing without early and thorough planning to insure effective manning of the system.

Training For The Big Count

Edward M. Cook | November 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

"Good morning—I'm Mary Nelson from the United States Bureau of the Census. Here is my identification card April 1, 1960, marks the official start of the 18th Decennial Census.

Harry Gracey Persian Letter No 3

November 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

If Tehran is all one has seen of Iran, upon viewing Isfahan one gasps, "Well, this is more like it!" Certainly Isfahan is. what history and art prepare one to expect of Persia. From the much photo-graphed Minaret and Dome of the Chahar—bagh Mosque to the beautiful tile, mosaics and carvings of the new I Ierati School, this is what one feels Persia should be. The picturesque and enormous Maidan -e- Shah (Imperial Square) in the heart of the city is 512 meters long and 160 meters wide. Re-built in 1611.

Report From Gordon Bl Iss

November 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

As Executive Director of ASTD, I'll be making informal reports in the journal from time to time to my "bosses," you, the members of the Society, Right now, there are 3766 of you, most of whom are part of the 68 Chapters we have. Even after my first few short months here in Madison, I can say that the job is more interesting and challenging than I had imagined.

Using Journal Material

November 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

In our Reader Survey (results published in the October journal), we received quite a few queries along with the responses to the question "Do you sometimes reproduce Journal material for direct use in your programs?" In essence, these queries asked Can you?" referring, of course, to copyright laws. While we don't pretend to be expert in the finer points of copyright law, we can express the editorial philosophy of the Journal and some commonly-used "rules of thumb" for reproducing copyrighted material.

Evaluation Techniques For Management Development Programs

Robert Besco | October 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

In recent years management development programs have been growing in size and numbers. Many of these programs have been accepted by management on face value with little or no thought to the contribution that these programs are making to the long-term surv

Parental Executive

Dr. Eugene Emerson Jennings | October 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

This is the sixth of a series of articles on leadership that commenced with the January issue of this year. The reader might recall that in the previous article entitled "The Freudian Flero," we saw that the group leader represents to each group member a

Why Not Measure Training Results

Robert A. Tiiisdell | October 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

It happened at a plant in Illinois employing 3000 persons. The union was knocking on the door.

Dollars And Cents Evaluation Of A Training Program

James H. Norman | October 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

"Place a dollars and cents evaluation on training? Impossible! It can't be done."If you have been in the training field very long, you have either made or heard such statements, and unfortu-nately they are almost true.

Soviet Training Literature Abstracts October 1959

Postovoytov | October 01, 1959 | TD Magazine Archive

The author urges instructors in Labor Reserve Schools to pay much more attention to the scientific-atheistic propaganda as a basic Communist form of educating young people, and inculcating them with materialistic ideology. He mentions a few instances whe

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