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Book Reviews November 1962

Samuel B. Magill | November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Transfer from clectrical power en-oineerino to telecommunications and data processing was the stimulus that triooered this engineering author into collecting definitions of terms having new or specialized meanings to him. Af-ter some six years of note-tak

Letters To The Editor November 1962

Von Haller Gilmer | November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Dr. Von Haller Gilmer's article* re-garding the Training Director and the Psychologist is interesting but narrow in scope. Narrow because he appears to over-emphasize

Packaging The Learning Situation

Quintin W. Guerin | November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Training men who are responsible for conducting instructor courses, teach-ing conferences methods or who have to explain the learning situation to an on-the-job instructor, always seem to be asked one or more of the following ques-tions: 1. What method of

Astd News November 1962

November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Members of the Lake Superior Chapter, ASTD, participated in the annual Confer-ence of the Lake Superior Mines Safety Council. This participation took the form of a skit entitled "How Not to Conduct a Safety Meeting."

Training Directors Attitudes Toward Programmed Instruction

Gordon L. Lippitt And Wayne N. Schelle | November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Programmed learning may become im-portant for employee training in the future, but is certainly little used now. Such evidence is clear when one ex-amines the responses of a representative group of training directors in this study.

Pap Er And Pencil Tests For Evaluating Instruction

Russell P. Kropp And Edward K. Hankin | November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

A fest item provides a means for observing differences between at least two people on a given dimension; i.e., it is a standaidized observation of a particular behavior for the purpose of dis-tinguishing between people with regard to their respective abil

The Full Dimension Of The Training Job

T. A. Waiters | November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

In many areas of training one hears more about total man and the deeper dimensions of his nature and adaptive functions. Compared with a long en-during, artificial division into a mental and physical aspect, this holistic con-ception more realistically en

Tractor Training Report Training To Reduce Product Damage

Konrad A. Facknitz | November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

This report outlines a Tin Mill Trac-tor Operator Training Program eon-ducted at Kaiser Steel and the results achieved. A total of 234 people par-ticipated.

Two Questions

November 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Several years ago, I learned a simple lesson of management development. My boss and I were traveling together — the discussion was about people. I shall never forget one statement during that conversation:

Training The Professional Technical Employee

Theodore J. Carron | October 01, 1962 | TD Magazine Archive

Training of professional-technical em-ployees might bring to mind special courses in Laplace transformations, Fourier analysis and linear programming. But such courses are not the main focus of Ethyl's in-company training effort, since today's graduates u

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