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Quality Control Recommendations For Teaching Machine And Programmed Learning Materials

November 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

A digest of technical recommendations based upon the 1962 Interim Report of the Joint Committee on Programmed Instruction and Teaching Machines, "Criteria for Assessing Programmed Instructional Materials." The digest was prepared by the Committee on Progr

Sensitivity Training And Motivation

Lester Tarnopol | November 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

It has long been recognized that praise makes people feel happy and that this pleasant feeling often motivates people to do good work. This type of informa-tion is usually provided the supervisors in human relations training programs.

Training One Solution To The Unemployment Problem

Edwin P. Neilan | November 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

We can all agree that for high levels of economic activity and growth, it is important that we have skilled labor forces which are well utilized. The availability of this trained manpower is one of the factors which limits the na-tion's rate of economic g

The Training Confidence Index

Paul Mali | November 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

With wages pushing steadily upward, job specialization on the increase, and automation creating fewer jobs for a growing work force, industry has turned to its training specialists for answers to these questions. At a recent conference1 held by the Univer

Training In Underdeveloped Countries

George D. Kanawaty | November 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

A oreat deal of attention has been focused in recent years on underde-veloped countries. With roughly seventy three per cent of the world population, these countries have become a political arena for competition between East and West, receiving aid and ex

Training Volunteer Literacy Teachers

Richard W. Cortright | November 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

When Uneseo reports that about 70% of the adults of the world are still functional illiterates, educators wonder. Will most people of the world ever learn to read? Will mass media like ETV or filmstrips perhaps help bridge the gap be-tween those who can a

Improving Organizational Problem Solving Through Increasing The Flow And Utilization Of New Ideas

Robert R. Blake | October 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

The chanoes summarized below are ones that were commented on repeatedly as a result of the Idea Laboratory. Listening An almost universal theme in the interviews is that a fundamental lesson was learned in connection with the bet-ter use of ideas—about t

The Trouble With Sensitivity Training

George S. Odiorne | October 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

Many speaking dates 1 am requested to make seem to be those in which I am asked to attack something or other. In th e past ten years I've been author of critical speeches or articles on such diverse topics as engineers, appraisals, operations research, co

A Comment On George OdiorneS Paper

Chris Argyris | October 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

1 appreciate an opportunity to com-ment on Odiorne's revised paper. I Would be less than honest if 1 did not say that, in some sense, I am sorry that he did not choose to print what he chose to say at the debate.

Twenty Years Of Management Development

October 01, 1963 | TD Magazine Archive

The Proceedings of a one-day conference conducted in New York City on March 23, 1963 by the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations of Cornell University.

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