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Middle Management Development In Industrial Organizations November 1964

M. Gene Newport | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

Gerald Stedman has stated that "along with being technically superior at the jobs concerned under his supervision, the foreman must be an economist, psychologist, humanitarian, disciplinar-ian, and statesman with judicial wis-dom, unusual poise and much f

Method Improvement And Personnel Development

Joseph R. Piechura | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

At the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company, once every two months a number of managers varying from top executives to the supervisor of the company garage, leave their jobs and go to a conference room where they devote their skill, energy, and accumulated knowle

Asae Discusses Management Training

November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

An executive development expert told the 45th Annual Meeting of the Ameri-can Society of Association Executives at Grossinger, N. Y., on September 23, that the training of present and future leaders "is critically dependent upon how those now at the top o

How To Waste Money On Training Consultants

Edward M. Cook | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

It is vour inalienable right to buy a pig in a poke. Don't waste time check-ing, comparing, observing, or evaluating before you select the best available train-ing consultant firm.

A New Concept In University Sponsored Executive Development Programs

Edmond Boudreaux And Leon C. Megginson | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

Let lrning is indeed a life long process! Although quoted from fantasy, Alice in Wonderland reminds us of the rapidly changing tempo when she said:

Practicing Managerial Skills

William E. Rothschild | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

Which managerial skills are most criti-cal and can be developed through an educational program? This is the question we set out to answer in establishing our formal man-agerial development program at the General Electric Space Technology Cen-ter.

Thinking Of Developing An Internal Programing Capability

Ellis R. Wayne | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

With the acceptance of programed instruction as an efficient teaching tech-nique, the plausibility of developing an internal programing capability inevi-tably enters the mind of the industrial trainer. Primarily, this is because of the vast diversificatio

Probl Em Areas In Training For Automated Work

Otis Lipstreu | November 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

One of the interesting phenomena of our information oriented society is the almost reflexive reliance we seem to place on training and education as pan-aceas for almost any societal aberration, national or international—Sputnik, auto-mation, unemployment,

Middle Management Development In Industrial Organizations October 1964

M. Gene Newport | October 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

While much has been written on the subject of management development, a majority of the literature is concerned with development at top management and lower supervisory levels. Between these two levels, a third group exists about which little has been wri

Operation Impact

Jerrold M. Michael | October 01, 1964 | TD Magazine Archive

How can we introduce these concepts in-to our organization unless we send every-one to attend the outside training course? The principles expressed were fine hut unless the boss (and, as a matter of fact, his boss) believes in it, how will we ever put it

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