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Patti Shank | January 01, 2004 | TD Magazine Archive

The product "Leadership and Self-Deception," opens eyes to what is often the most significant barrier to solving problems in the personal lives and at work, the mistaken notion that employee is not a part of the problem. The program calls this phenomenon self-deception, not being able to see how a person contributes to any given problem. This perception is critical for personal development. It combines theory lessons, full-featured video simulations, and "check your understanding" exercises in a design that lets learners move back and forth between them with ease. Combining the training with discussion and experiences that show how these concepts apply in an organization and there's a real opportunity to understand some fundamental business concepts.

Just Browsing

William Powell | January 01, 2004 | TD Magazine Archive

Mac OS X's default Web browser, Safari, is an amazingly elegant, nimble browser. It's exceptionally fast at rendering pages. Like Opera and recent versions of Netscape and Mozilla, Safari offers tabbed browsing, which lets users open a series of tabbed windows when linking to other Websites or typing in a new Uniform Resource Locator. In addition, there's an integrated Google search field on the toolbar, making your Google searches as easy as they're going to get. Windows users looking for a similarly elegant browser should consider Firebird from Like Safari, it sports a streamlined interface, tabbed browsing and the integrated Google search.

New Careers for Trainers

Eva Kaplan-Leiserson | January 01, 2004 | TD Magazine Archive

The article discusses that a concern in the markets is that e-learning and outsourcing may make trainers, that is, "workforce learning and performance professionals" obsolete. In fact, e-learning and outsourcing are creating new opportunities and new role

Love It Dont Leave It

Beverly Kaye | January 01, 2004 | TD Magazine Archive

Too many people leave their jobs because they feel that something is wrong or missing. Later, many regret those departures. Workplace satisfaction is a two-way street. It demands effort from the manager and the leaders of the organization. But it also demands initiative and effort from the employee. Most people eventually realize that no matter where or with whom they work, at times they will feel as if something is lacking. The best way to get that something.

News Flash January 2004

January 01, 2004 | TD Magazine Archive

There's a new weapon in Washington D.C.'s fight against terrorism, a learning management system, as of January 01, 2004. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and the Metro Transit Police are using an Learning Management System to help ensure employee preparedness and public safety. Immediately after 9/11, almost 7000 WMATA employees were trained on responses to unknown substances. Last October, police officers participated in training on weapons of mass destruction. In aiding this training, the Thing LearningServer took the place of difficult-to-manage databases, tracking training registrations and compliance.

How to Ask Your Boss for Flexible Work Hours

January 01, 2004 | TD Magazine Archive

The article provides tips on how to ask the boss for flexible work hours. Treat the request as a business proposal. Ask seriously, professionally and with a positive attitude. Investigate the company's current policies and find out what arrangements other people in the company have made. Present the request in a written, well-organized form. Allowing flexible work schedules has helped companies reduce turnover and recruiting and retraining costs, plus improve morale and productivity. Meet with colleagues and the boss to discuss any issues and problems.

New Online Column read blog

January 01, 2004 | TD Magazine Archive

The article informs that the periodical "T+ D" now has its very own Weblog. Short for Weblog, a blog is an online journal containing sinks and commentary regularly posted in reverse chronological order. T+ D's blog will act as an extension of this Intelligence column and offers even more news, trends, links and thoughts on training, learning and business. The blog is updated several times a week and enables comments so the reader can talk to the author and each other.

How to Apply to the CIA

Haidee Henderson | January 01, 2004 | TD Magazine Archive

The article discusses a concept, a powerful, intriguing, inspring or perhaps odd idea distilled to its essential elements and also talks about how to apply to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The author applied for a job posting for the Clandestine

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