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Training For Small Business Through Voluntary Associations

Albert A. Blum | August 01, 1961 | TD Magazine Archive

An owner of a small firm, beset with the pressing difficulties of finances, sales, taxes, and big business competition of-ten pays little attention to personnel practices. He thinks he is free of the personnel problems big businesses have since he frequen

The Professional Qualifications Of A Tra Iner

David C. Macnamara | June 01, 1961 | TD Magazine Archive

Each field of human endeavor whether it requires mental skill or physical skill or some combination of both looks upon itself in some way as a profession. Its members have agreed upon a list of qual-ifications that must be met before they consider a perso

Improved Selection Reduces Training Effort

Robert J. Shader | May 01, 1961 | TD Magazine Archive

"Help each employee help himself to develop," "Upgrade die skills, knowl-edge and attitudes of the workers," "Maximize the utilization of the work force" are all sound objectives for the training director. The training director o O can assist in achieveme

Memo To Mr Executive

Howard E. Harger | March 01, 1961 | TD Magazine Archive

Mr. Executive, this memo is written to suggest how training can help you. It is an attempt to identify what training really is; why training utilization is grow-ing in industry; a sound training ap-proach; the steps in operating sound training programs; a

Ferrous Metals Group At Philadelphia Conference

Bertram K. Rigg | February 01, 1961 | TD Magazine Archive

The Ferrous Metals Group program at the 17th Annual ASTD Conference, (Monday, May 1) should be a highlight of the entire conference for trainers in the ferrous metals industry. These one-day meetings have, in the past few years, provided outstanding pract

The RbiS Of Training

Robert B. Sale | January 01, 1961 | TD Magazine Archive

Joe is an outfielder with a first division team in the majors. I le didn't quite make the all-star team because there are others in the league with fancier glove work in the field and fatter batting averages.

Getting The Group Concept In Leadership Training

Dr. Aaron J. Spector | November 01, 1955 | TD Magazine Archive

One of the most troublesome aspects of programs devoted to the training of leaders for our contemporary society arises in our attempts to convey to the trainees a recognition of the role that groups play in influencing the behaviors of its constituent mem

Scholarships Food Stores And Homework

November 01, 1955 | TD Magazine Archive

The food store clerk in the Washing-ton, D. C. area paying special attention to the way he packs your groceries may be more than just extra obliging—he may be doing his homework. Giant Food Department Stores is in its second year of providing scholarships

Leadership And Group Behavior

O. F. Peterson | September 01, 1955 | TD Magazine Archive

The accomplishments of any organi-zation depend to a large degree on its leaders. The effectiveness of any group depends in a large measure upon the quality of its leadership.

Fallacies Of Training The Extended Self

Eugene Emerson Jennings | September 01, 1955 | TD Magazine Archive

If the number of training failures is any criterion of intention then certainly one would believe that many training programs are conducted to produce less than intended results. But this, of course, is absurd and the intention of the pres-ent training di

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