As a manager, you are as responsible for inspiring great performance in your new hires as you are for getting them oriented to your company and performing well in their role. Even if your organization has a formal onboarding program, as a manager you are the most important person in the onboarding process. You are tasked (often with limited training and resources) to meet your new employees where they are, give them what they need to know to succeed, and most importantly provide them with daily, intentional opportunities to stretch into their highest performance.

An onboarding expert and the author of the ASTD Press book, 90 Days 90 Ways: Onboard Young Professionals to Peak Performance, Alexia Vernon presents this webinar to help you:

  • Provide the appropriate balance of structure and freedom to set new hires up to succeed.
  • Use coaching conversations to diffuse nervousness, co-create responsibilities and expectations, provide actionable feedback and skill development, and achieve performance goals.
  • Adapt onboarding best practices for virtual employees.
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for leadership, even within the first 90 days.

Participants will learn actionable strategies to immediately apply in their management. Through interactive role-plays around real-world scenarios, Alexia will frame her recommendations in the everyday realties of employee development.