Leadership is the most overanalyzed, thoroughly dissected, and utterly confused topic in business. The expectations leaders are judged against have become unrealistic and overly complicated, causing people to opt out of the chance to lead. It’s time to lighten the leadership load. It’s time to get back to what’s most essential about leading others: creating opportunities for those you lead.

To be a leader is to open doors of opportunity for others. Drawing on the concepts from his new ATD Press book, Leaders Open Doors, bestselling author Bill Treasurer demystifies leadership and shows how leaders help people and organizations grow by creating meaningful learning opportunities.

As a result of the webcast, participants will:

  • learn compelling ways that opportunity attracts, inspires, and develops people
  • gain insight into the four specific skills that all Open Door Leaders need to use
  • be knowledgeable about what it means to have an opportunity mindset
  • understand the various doors of opportunity that leaders can open for those they lead
  • take away specific and immediately implementable tips on how to start opening doors for others today.