In pursuit of technological development and scientific advancement, too often innovation is created in a vacuum with little to no foresight into the broader applications and usability beyond the intended customer or market. It is easy to have tunnel vision when sprinting toward the finish line but that laser-focus that drives product development can significantly deter long-term success.

Many times the failure doesn’t stem from the technology or field of study itself, but rather the lack of storytelling. It is one thing to communicate your ideas. It is another to communicate the impact of your ideas in a language others understand. All too often ideas fail because coalition building is ignored or deemed unnecessary.

Bridging the chasm between applied research and technology transition is difficult. The trick is to build effective coalitions so you don’t have to forge the path alone. Successful transition is rarely a linear path and business opportunities are still people driven. In this webinar, you will learn the key steps to building a successful coalition, including:

  • discovering your value proposition
  • creating a messaging strategy to properly communicate value and impact
  • identifying end-goals and planning the path ahead.