Massive changes in how you track and measure outcomes, meet productivity and customer expectations, and cope with staffing issues, shrinking budgets, and new payer mixes can leave you gasping for air. A job you used to love becomes overwhelming; a job you never loved becomes intolerable.

Life’s too short to believe that suffering is now part of the working experience. Good news! This session will provide you with a revolutionary new look at your role in the workplace, and provide you with the tools to become a happy, top performer.

Become a highly credible, indispensable employee who delivers results no matter the circumstances; learn to adapt to change quickly and without drama. In this webcast, you will learn how to:

  • Apply five reality-based competencies and five reality-based rules for the workplace to enhance your engagement and drive your results.
  • Gauge the employee value metric, a new self-assessment to help you measure and increase your own value at work.
  • Quantify and diminish drama—measured as emotional expensiveness—a key drain on you, and on your value to your employer.
  • Use strategies and takeaway tools to become a top talent in your organization.