For professionals charged with learning and development projects, there is nothing worse than realizing a course has brought little back to the organization after all that effort. This webcast details best practices for making a training effort deliver permanently changed behavior and visible business results, including bringing workforce leaders into a partnership for success. When professionals use these tools and begin to show business impact, the process gets easier and attracts even more support, growing your organization's learning culture and gaining credibility and value for training professionals!

In the webcast, you will identify the failure points for a past training effort and decide how to prevent that loss in future training programs. You’ll learn how to partner with leaders to communicate the criticality of their involvement and increase the probability of success with specific steps.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to:

  • Select a current training need and plan to meet it head on by following a simple model to ensure each critical element is achieved.
  • Design learning elements to teach new behaviors so that they can be practiced and applied on the job.
  • Plan for people to continue using new behaviors on the job in partnership with their leaders.

You will also be given a job aid with the simple four-part model the webcast is based on. You can use this to better partner with others in your organization to make training show needed business results.