Developing effective assessments to incorporate into your training program isn't easy. Capitalizing on the assessment data garnered from your assessment is even more difficult. How can you be sure that your assessment data are linked to your leading indicators and providing you with valid, reliable information?

This webcast will review the full assessment development cycle and outline key factors to consider at each step along the way, from linking indicators to the exam content through evaluating assessment data through the lens of training effectiveness. You'll be provided with practical guidelines and specific examples of activities that will increase the quality of their content and validity of assessment results. You'll also be able to share your stories of using assessments in your training programs.

In this webcast, you'll receive:

  • practical advice on how to develop a summative and formative assessments model that meets your needs
  • tips to developing and evaluating great survey and test questions
  • insights on how assessment results can lead to data-driven decisions in your training program