The rapidly evolving world of sales is causing significant changes in how companies hire and train their sales force. Because today’s buyers are much more aware of features, benefits, and alternative offerings, salespeople must now add value by conveying much deeper knowledge of the client organization’s needs and provide real return on investment.

HR and talent management professionals are tasked with understanding this business shift as they look to bring salespeople on board who will remain engaged, loyal, and ultimately successful in taking companies to the next level.

Research into sales performance over the past 15 years clearly demonstrates one thing: The business world must expand the traditional hunter/farmer conception of sales to more closely align with how customers buy in today’s complex environment.

This webcast will reveal:
  • the changing business environment and how it affects the sales profession
  • six successful sales job models that are applicable in today's changing environment
  • how to leverage this information to better hire and train sales professionals at your organization.