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Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer

Are You an Instructional Designer?

As an instructional designer you are likely called upon by your organization to be an expert in adult learning, performance improvement, leadership development, e-learning, and the evolving trends in the field.  ATD Education is here to support you and provide the professional development and training you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Through its hallmark Competency Study and ongoing research efforts, ATD is the premier source for unbiased, expert-vetted, and credible content for instructional designers.

Browse the featured programs for instructional designers below or search all of our programs.

Foundational Programs

Introduction to Instructional Design Certificate

Immediately improve your current projects with tools, plans, and best practice instructional design principles. From assessing learning needs to writing learning objectives to designing and developing content, this course will prepare you to apply strong instructional design principles to your projects. The concepts taught are just part of the value of the program—you’ll have an opportunity to observe the design process, use the course materials, and see the activities in action. See how an instructional project comes together from start to finish.

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Designing Learning Certificate

Discover all of the tools necessary to develop powerful, bottom-line focused training. Using a human performance improvement approach to instructional design, you will learn best practices for conducting a needs assessment, job/task analysis, and course design and development using templates exclusive to ATD. Leave with a structured step-by-step process that can be immediately applied to the development of your own training programs.

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ATD Master Instructional Designer Program

Be properly prepared as the role of the instructional designer evolves and more is demanded of your talent and time. The ATD Master Instructional Designer™ Program covers the entire process of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning programs. In addition, this program explores new design models and techniques that align with emerging needs. The goal of the ATD Master Instructional Designer Program is to give you new approaches to instructional design with a focus on the latest and most effective techniques. Grounded in theory and focused on practice and application, this program will help you master your professional capacity for instructional design.

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Adult Learning Certificate

Adult learning for the workplace differs from traditional, classroom learning. Through this interactive, self-paced program, you will gain critical knowledge of the basic theory underlying good practices for adult learning in the workplace, and get practical tips to add to your training and development toolbox.

New from ATD! Self-paced, on demand courses covering a wide range of topics and employing a variety of interactive learning techniques, including animations, case studies and branching scenarios, expert videos, downloadable tools and templates, Ask the Expert feature, and relevant ATD articles and blogs. Enroll today and start your program immediately!

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Specialized Programs

E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate

Invigorate your traditional instructional design with fresh e-learning techniques. Based on examples from organizations that have implemented successful virtual training, this program will provide you with the skills to develop individualized, asynchronous e-learning experiences that motivate learners to change their behavior. Learn to skillfully meet instructional design challenges in any industry and apply the principles of effective e-learning to individualized courses, tutorials, games, simulations and other e-learning modules.

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Designing Virtual Training Certificate

Organizations today are increasingly using virtual classroom platforms like WebEx, Adobe Connect, and others to convey information and build skills quickly, cost-effectively, and just-in-time, as learners need to know and apply the material. Virtual classroom platforms commonly feature tools such as chat, whiteboards, application sharing, and breakout rooms. Sure, these tools seem cool, but what is the best way to use them from an instructional perspective? This online certificate program enables participants to create learner-centric collaborative exercises using these synchronous tools and design instructional materials to support their online learning programs. Throughout the program, best practice tips for online training design that leads to maximum learning transfer will be explained, modeled, and reinforced.

Former Course Name: Designing Synchronous Learning

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Blended Learning Certificate

Did you ever wonder how to use more than one delivery methodology to enhance the effectiveness of your training? With technology allowing for increased opportunities to “flip the classroom” and reach our learners at the moment of need, knowing how to effectively blend learning programs is a critical skill for training professionals. Learn best practices for selecting and using the appropriate mix of innovative learning technologies to design effective blended solutions.

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Essentials of Learning Design Methodologies: ADDIE, SAM, Agile, and More

Highly complex learning programs require juggling multiple projects and roles. This leaves little time to learn about new approaches that can actually improve processes.  Learn how to apply the best of Agile and ADDIE to improve the speed and quality of your learning and development projects.

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Trending Topics

Needs Assessment Certificate

When working on learning and development projects, many immediately race to create course materials and roll out initiatives without upfront analysis of what is driving the need or how to ensure results. They often operate in an “order taker” mode, relying on information from the requestor about content, learner needs, the duration of training, and project completion deadlines. In this highly interactive course, you will learn a systematic approach for conducting your own assessment of the individual and organizational performance needs that drive requests for learning and development solutions.

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Writing for Instructional Design and Training Certificate

If you are like most instructional designers and developers, you spend about 80 percent of your working hours writing. You write needs assessment reports, design documents, pre-course surveys, facilitator guides, presentation materials, participant guides, job aids, e-learning scripts, post-course surveys, and evaluation questions. As a learning professional, your writing needs to be persuasive to gain buy-in from stakeholders, crystal clear to manage learners’ cognitive load, and engaging to aid learning transfer. There is an art to this style of writing, and having these skills can be a competitive advantage as you advance in your career.

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Microlearning Certificate

Microlearning—learning in short bursts that anyone can access anytime—is the next big thing in learning and development. In this hands-on, practical workshop, explore what microlearning is, why it’s hot now, and how to employ MILE, a microlearning design model, to create outstanding, bite-sized learning programs. The MILE model gives you a road map to create a program structure, gather resources using the three Cs (curate, create, and crowdsource), and implement, promote, and evaluate your programs.

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ATD Elements: Self-Paced Learning Library

Master the knowledge you need for your job faster, at a higher level, and with better recall when you subscribe to ATD’s new library of more than 50 self-paced courses. Each course is powered by ATD’s adaptive learning engine that assesses your knowledge and tailors instructional content to your individual needs, allowing you to spend less time on the topics you know already and more time on the topics you need to know. As a result, you will work toward mastery at the best pace for you, never wasting time reviewing material that you know well. With a yearlong subscription, you can enroll in as many courses as you like in whatever order makes sense to you. Use the courses in the library to eliminate skills gaps, bring an entire team up to speed, or as a daily, on-the-job resource. All course materials are pulled directly from ATD’s vast content collection—making this the first self-paced course library designed by and for talent development professionals.  

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