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Are You a Learning Manager?

The role of manager of the training/learning functions is increasingly challenging in today’s complex and fast-paced business landscape.

With a vast network of learning executives around the globe, ATD knows best what current and aspiring learning managers need to know and do to be successful. Rely on ATD for the skills you need to take your learning programs—and your entire function—to the next level.

Browse the featured programs for managers below or search all of our programs.

Foundational Programs

Managing Learning Programs Certificate

This three-day program provides the critical leadership necessary to develop the learning function (its people and programs) and have a meaningful impact on the overall strategy in your organization. This interactive program includes self-assessments, small group case study discussion, best-practice review, and feedback on specific challenges participants face.

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Improving Human Performance Certificate

Applying the principles of Human Performance Improvement (HPI) in an organization is a proven way for getting results. In this program, you will learn how to use the ATD HPI Model, apply the three critical components of HPI, link organizational goals to human performance, outline a strategy for finding and addressing performance gaps, and describe a process for evaluating the impact of your HPI solutions.

Former Course Name: Introducing Human Performance Improvement

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Measuring Return on Investment Certificate

Participants in this program will develop the skills needed to create and deliver effective return on investment (ROI) evaluations for learning and performance, organization development, human resources, technology, change, and quality solutions. The program emphasizes the Phillips ROI Methodology. Participants learn to apply ROI techniques to learning and performance solutions, which includes isolating the impact of their program on improvement in business measures, converting that improvement to money, and calculating the ROI. This program is designed for learning professionals experienced with lower levels of evaluation who want to enhance their evaluation practice by including evaluation at the impact and ROI levels.

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ATD Expert Coach™ Program

The ATD Expert Coach™ Program leverages your coaching experience and shows you how to have purposeful, powerful coaching conversations that provide the most value to your clients and organization. This unique, assessment-based program enables you to master the skills required for effective coaching with the guidance of expert facilitators. You’ll benefit from multiple opportunities to practice coaching and receive individualized feedback to reinforce your learning, and gain a toolkit of resources to use immediately back on the job.

Proving your ability will earn you the respected title of ATD Expert Coach. Join this exclusive group today.

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Specialized Programs

Integrated Talent Management Certificate

Managing talent with a coherent strategy is a critical role for the learning and development professional. Explore the practices essential to achieving an integrated talent management approach no matter the size of your organization. Learn how to promote organizational renewal by simultaneously matching employees' skills and development with the organization's strategy.

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Project Management for Learning Professionals Certificate

This program presents concrete steps to improve your project management skills. Participants will learn to manage the critical project management role helping deliver learning and performance solutions that better support their business goals.

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Essentials of Emotional Intelligence for Improved Decision Making

Current research shows that stress and anger can seriously impede productivity and problem-solving in the workplace, as well as inhibit team building and decision making. Learn how to manage your emotions and mitigate their negative consequences through enhanced emotional intelligence.

A high level of emotional intelligence is critical in the learning and development industry. L&D professionals spend their time developing relationships, team building, influencing people, and negotiating, often in an intricate environment. By enhancing your emotional intelligence, you can perform better in these roles, as well as improve your decision-making and problem-solving abilities, influence the goals and outcomes of a project, and most importantly, deliver performance value to your stakeholders.

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Trending Topics

Action Learning Certificate

Learn how your own actions and experiences can enhance your performance. Action learning involves gathering together a small group of people to solve real challenges in the workplace such as organizational change, strategic planning, employee development, and leadership coaching. Explore how the six essential elements for successful action learning can aide you and your organization to successfully learn, adapt, and innovate.

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Essentials of Leading Virtually

Examine the keys to successfully leading virtual teams by creating communication pathways, setting expectations, and enabling collaboration. By thinking differently about how you approach virtual interactions and by understanding and employing behaviors that build trust within your team through communication, collaboration, consistency, and connection, you can create a motivating and productive workplace. Learn how leading virtually requires a different approach; it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Former Course Name: Essentials of Managing Remote Workforces

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Essentials of Cultural Intelligence for Learning Leaders

Global business is affected more and more by the way people learn and develop their competencies to excel at their jobs in a world full of uncertainty, complexity and crisis. The conditions associated with a “flat-world” reality require that learning leaders are able to master the ability to understand differences and similarities in the models used by companies in different regions to train their people and improve their performance. National and organizational cultures shape the way people are trained and develop in a particular geographical region or organization.

In this program participants will learn the different cultural intelligence factors they need to know and use when they deal with learning and business clients, suppliers, or partners in countries and cultures different than their own.

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