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Essentials of Podcasts, Video, and Writing for the Web

Leverage key media to enhance your learning solutions.

Today’s learning professionals must be able to produce quality multimedia content for learning, do it fast, and do it affordably. This program introduces trainers to how they can leverage audio, video, and online text both in the classroom and via new platforms to make learning more accessible, flexible, and learner-centered. It covers what engaging media content looks like, the equipment you need to produce it, and tips to make it fast and affordably. It explains when and when not to use multimedia, and how to ensure learning occurs.

  • Online3 sessions, 4.5 hours total
  • OnsiteFlexible dates & duration
Program Overview

Program Overview

This Essentials Programs spans three 90-minute sessions. In the first session, you’ll examine learning theory and discuss how it dovetails with media psychology to draw some general principles on what multimedia learning content should look and sound like. You’ll learn how podcasts are created and the three communication tools for conveying learning in a podcast.

In the second session, you’ll look at what equipment you need for an office podcasting studio, with an emphasis on affordability before moving onto video. You’ll learn some basics on how video works as a communication medium and then discuss how video can aid learning, including what topics work and don’t work on video.

In the third session, you’ll learn about the video production process and what equipment you need to create video that looks professional. After this, you’ll look at web reading principles and how consumers read text on the screen. You’ll learn general principles for creating web text that people want to read rather than ignore.

The program is interactive and led in a way to foster collaboration between participants as well as draw expertise from the presenter. You’ll receive access to an online resource center that features follow-up video content for each session, interviews with leading media experts, and a downloadable workbook to accompany them through the program.

The Essentials of Podcasts, Video, and Writing for the Web is the ideal grounding for learning professionals preparing for the Multimedia for Learning Professionals Certificate.

Learn more about why good media skills matter.

Read two blog articles from expert facilitator Jonathan Halls:

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe how to make multimedia content that aids learning.
  • Explain key steps required to make audio, video, and text content both quick and easy to understand as well as easy to remember.
  • Describe the production process of audio podcasting.
  • Explain how audio works as a communication and learning tool.
  • List key equipment needed to produce podcasts with an emphasis on affordable equipment.
  • Describe the production process of web video.
  • Explain how video works as a communication and learning tool.
  • List the key equipment needed to produce web video with an emphasis on affordable equipment.
  • Describe the key behavioral characteristics of how people read text on a screen.
  • List key principles for writing text that is quick and easy to read on the screen.


  • Topic 1 - Learning and Media
  • Topic 2 - Using Audio Podcasts for Learning
  • Topic 3 - Using Web Video for Learning
  • Topic 4 - Creating Engaging Web Text for Learning
Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

This program is for learning professionals and learning executives who want an overview on how to create multimedia that facilitates learning. It is ideal for people who want to save time in producing their content and others who want to go beyond the “multimedia fad” to how it aids and sustains learning. It is also ideal for people planning to attend the Multimedia for Learning Professionals Certificate.
Credits & Attendance

Credits & Attendance

Attendance Policy

Participation in all online sessions at their originally scheduled day and time is mandatory to receive completion for the program. Participants who fulfill this attendance requirement will see their completion status reflected on their transcript in the ATD Learning Portal and will receive an email verifying their completion of the program. If you must miss a session, all sessions will be recorded and available in the Learning Portal for participants to review throughout the program.

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