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ATD 2015 Japan Summit

Speaker Bio & Session Description

Alfredo Castro
Executive Director, MOT Training and Development Inc.

Executive Director, partner and founder of MOT Training and Development, Inc a consulting company based in Miami, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil, that holds a portfolio of international large companies since 1995.

Recognized by the T&D international community as one of the top professionals in the global industry, he is a leader in pioneering new models of learning and performance and people development at workplace, generating improvement of the business results in global companies. Alfredo is a multi-lingual Euro-Brazilian consultant, keynote speaker, board director, MBA professor and business books writer. He also acts as a faculty at FIA University and GE Corporate University, for the last 12 years.

Among his extensive experience at global/international arena, evidenced through awards and invitations to make presentations at international T&D conferences, Alfredo Castro has traveled the world spearheading leadership models and learning solutions at business environment, mainly in the areas of change management, quality improvement, storytelling, corporate governance and consultative sales. His 35 years of professional experience has given him the recognition from international T&D professionals and associations, after designing and implementing blended learning programs in more than 120 companies in more than 25 countries (Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas). After having a successful career as an executive (highlighted by a fast upward trajectory from consultant to international partner-director) along 17 years, in 1995 he became a member of ASTD – American Society for Training and Development - the world's largest association dedicated to training and development professionals. 

His top-notch expertise fully justified his nomination as the Chairman of the 2010 ASTD Advisory Committee. Not only he lead a high level group of 20 experts who judged the proposals from the best speakers and identified trends to design the ASTD annual conference, he also had the privilege of making the “main stage speech” in front of a 5,000 people audience, summarizing what would be the state of the art in T&D and sharing a set of trends for next years in the T&D industry.

- Co-author of ASTD Management Handbook
- Chairman of the ASTD 2010 Program Advisory Committee
- Speaker of ATD 2015 & ATD 2014 Asia Pacific Conference
- Faculty at FIU- Florida International University (Miami), GE Crotonville Corporate University, and FIA University of Sao Paulo.

Session: Developing Talent in a Multicultural Workplace

Yes, the new workplace is multicultural! Not only due to the new generations as workforce. In addition, the combination of social media with informal learning and generational differences influenced the sense of multiculturalism at global organizations, creating other challenges for leaders – never faced before! 

Many organizations have recognized the critical need for their leaders to become competent in cross-cultural interactions. The transition to a global economy and the increasing diversification of the workforce support the ongoing need for development in this area. Competent multicultural leaders are essential to an organization’s success in the global market. 

Storytelling skills and coaching leadership style helps identify high-potential talent, define a company’s key leadership competencies, build an effective leadership succession program and harness the power of mentoring and coaching. Even when we believe every company should plan and develop professionals for its leadership future, sometimes we face some cultural issues on the way. The attitude of the leader using some coaching principles to develop the team and improve the performance is one solution for multicultural environments. This is a process that is flexible when considering multiple cultural perspectives in the workplace. The leaders have to balance the needs of the organization with the needs of employees, and ensure all employees, customers, colleagues, and stakeholders in the organization are treated with respect and dignity regarding their individual, group, and cultural dimensions. 

You will get insights about these issues attending this presentation!


Learn from real experiences and understand issues for the multicultural leader and his/her engagement in the ongoing process of the new workplace.

Learn how to advocate for changes and create work environments that embrace and value diversity, using some modern leadership models – as storytelling and gamification.

See how to create a context in which leaders can empower their staff understanding the effect of coaching, mentoring, delegation, and appraisal, using one of the most recent trends for talent development:strategic storyfication


Presentation Style

The presentation will be based in the speaker experience implementing leadership development projects in different continents (including Japan and other Asian countries) with diverse multicultural organizations. 

During this presentation, by showing some real cases, the participants will learn about some vital principles of storytelling to guide leaders in the workplace. 

Balancing concepts and quick interactive exercises, the speaker will motivate the participants to exercise their coaching leadership style and understanding this model as a powerful way to face the cultural issues. 

The session will be delivered alternating participation of the audience. The session will be done in a multi-sensory and participative way, including some very short videos and fun practical exercises with music. 

They will figure out their own style during the session, while having the opportunity to learn practical actions to implement in their organizations.

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