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Korea Summit 2017

Korea Summit
Speaker Bio & Session Description

Laura (Xiaojie) Shen
Vice President, Volkswagen Group (China)
로라 션, 중국 포스바겐 부사장

Laura has extensive experience in the automotive industry, covering manufacturing, finance, sales&marketing. During her time at Jiangling Motors(JV of Ford), she successfully led the cost reduction program and developed the special conversion vehicle market for Transit. Laura was a member of the BMW China Sales Committee; as the head of sales, her team laid a solid foundation for BMW’s development in China. She joined Volkswagen Group China in 2007 as the executive vice president of FAW VW Sales Company, and then became managing director for Volkswagen Brand Import. She led strategic projects for Volkswagen Group China afterward. In these positions, Laura made remarkable achievements in branding, market share growth and profitability increase.

Laura는 자동차 업계의 풍부한 경험을 바탕으로 Jiangling Motors 재직 당시 성공적으로 비용 절감 프로그램을 이끌었고, 운송을 위한 특별 전환 차량 시장을 개발했습니다. 그 후, BMW China Sales Committee의 멤버로서 BMW의 중국시장 진출에 견고한 기반을 마련하였습니다. 그녀는 2007 년 Volkswagen Group China로 이직하였으며 폭스바겐의 중국시장 성공을 이끌었습니다.

Session: How Do You Get a Training Academy Recognized in a Big Corporation?

창의적 인재양성과 기업교육의 핵심역할

As a supporting function in all major companies, training department/academy has always been considered and will continue to be considered a “back office” department, rather than a “core business department”. The topic of maximizing learning impact to business has been a hot topic in recent years which have drawn a lot of efforts from many training/learning professionals, but few has moved up on “priority list” of corporate CxOs. Here we will have a live example by sharing real cases as how to tackle these issues and get Training Academy established and recognized in a major corporate, Volkswagen Group China.

Key points:
  • What are the key success factors for a training academy?
  • How a training academy can establish itself in a big corporate environment?
  • How to maximize the impact of training/learning to business development?
  • What are the measures to assess the significance/success of a training academy?

최근 많은 사례를 통해 인재개발의 중요성과 인재개발이 기업의 성장에 미치는 궁극적 영향이 조명 받고 있지만, 기업내 인재개발은 그 핵심적 역할에도 불구하고 다른 사업라인을 지원하는 “Back Office”로 종종 간주되곤 합니다.

이 세션에서 로라는 그녀의 경험을 바탕으로한 몇가지 실제 사례를 통하여 기업교육의 중요성과 기업발전에 미치는 교육의 직접적 영향에 대해 알아보고, 기업 인재개발원의 가치와 발전방향, 그리고 교육 효과의 측정과 극대화 방법에 대해 알아보고자 합니다.

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