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Latin American Summit

Keynote Speakers

Rita Bailey

Founder, CEO
Up To Something

Session: Embracing Disruption in Learning

Rita Bailey is in the business of helping individuals and organizations unleash their untapped talent potential. She has presented and consulted with global companies worldwide, challenging leaders to break through their status quo thinking and behaviors to create people-centric workplace environments that foster transformational change.

Rita served in several leadership positions at Southwest Airlines, including chief learning officer of its University for People, where she directed personal and professional development for 36,000 employees.

At Up To Something, Rita provides strategic, innovative solutions and resources to help entrepreneurs and organizations create employee and customer experiences that set them apart from competitors.


David Smith

Virtual Gurus

Session: The Importance of Engaging the Modern Learner

David Smith is co-founder of Virtual Gurus, a global consulting firm supporting organizations in leveraging the potential of live online learning as part of their learning curriculum.

David is a globally recognized thought leader, author, and keynote speaker on digitizing and virtualizing training, and a regular speaker at ATD events since 2010. He brings high levels of energy, practical tips, and advice to his presentations, allowing attendees to take actionable ideas and best practices back to the workplace. Since 2009, when David began moving training from the traditional face-to-face classroom to live online virtual platforms, he has trained, coached, upskilled, and mentored thousands of learning professionals in how to engage invisible audiences, and to design and deliver highly effective virtual training programs.


Marco Cavallo

Latin America Growth Manager

Session: The Future of Work Is Happening Now. How Will You Keep Up?

In this session, you will explore the explosion of technology and the need to cater to the demands of a Millennial workforce. You’ll learn about the evolution of the workplace and how to empower employees to build a culture of innovation, collaboration, and participation.

Marco is the founder and chief editor of the Digital Technology Executives Network Group, which gathers more than 7,600 senior executives around the world, and has acted as an advisory board member for the Innovation and Technology Committee at the Florida International Bankers Association. He has been an advisory board member for the Innovation and Technology Committee at  Federación Latinoamericana de Bancos. Marco is also a columnist on for IT and digital advanced strategies, and was recently recognized as a CIO Advisor by the organization.


Alfredo Castro

Executive Director
MOT Training

Recognized by the international talent development community as one of the top professionals in the global industry, Alfredo Castro is a leader in pioneering new models of learning and performance and people development in the workplace, generating improvement of business results in global companies. Alfredo is a multilingual Euro-Brazilian consultant, keynote speaker, board director, MBA professor, and business books author. In his 35 years of professional experience, he has designed and implemented blended learning programs for more than 120 companies in more than 25 countries, spanning Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.


Margarita Lozano

Partner and Consultant
Excellens Mexico

Margarita Lozano is recognized internationally as one of the top professionals in training and human resources for driving business results within the organizations she works with. She is a consultant, speaker, director, and university professor. Margarita has been recognized by AMECAP and ATD in various fields and countries.





Rodrigo Lara

Partner and Consultant Mas Consultants
ROI Institute ROU & Sirdar

Rodrigo Lara is a Chilean expert in human resources. He is a consultant, a partner of ROI Institute, and a member of ATD. In 2007, he was recognized as the Expert of the Year by ROI Institute, and won the 2008 ASTD Measurement and Evaluation Award in San Diego. He has been a professor at various universities across Chile since 2006, and has published articles on training and development in Latin America. He has also published books in the United Kingdom and the United States. His book Training: Panorama, Challenges, and Keys was recently released.

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Mexico City, Mexico

Dec 05, 2017

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