Conference Themes

The Knowledge Incentive: Managing Your Talent Resources
How does government make decisions about its talent or talent development needs? Too often, the answer is general. We navigate by instinct, intuiting a deficiency in talent here, or a lack of experience there. And the net result is that while we have great tools, programs and services to assess these general talent and skills shortages across government, we rarely have the visibility that would allow us to leverage them at the individual level. In this workshop series, you’ll learn how organizations can manage knowledge effectively, including how to take inventory of and capture knowledge, while keeping a pulse on succession planning and project readiness.

Problem Solving: Collaborating Across Government
Collaborative problem solving across government is not only necessary, but essential, as budgets are slashed and resources dry up. Looking across government – to shared services, projects and other joint work opportunities – is the best strategy government managers can take to keep programs moving forward. In an era of a more fluid government workforce, communication is a more central theme than ever before. Join us for this session series to look at concrete ways you can tap existing and potential resources across government.

Budget Basics: Serving the Employee and the Customer Creatively
Better customer service – and better performance management – translates to more efficient government. And in an environment of declining budgets and dwindling resources, government managers – more than ever before – need to find smarter, more agile ways to deliver the mission. At the same time, it’s more important than ever as a federal manager to be thinking about performance and tying it to strategy. Doing more with less might mean something concrete, like revamping an online public interface for a service-heavy agency, or something less easily quantifiable, like improving the way workers are managed. In this workshop series, we’ll walk you through some common problems, and the creative – repeatable – steps agencies have taken to solve them.