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Jobs at ATD

ATD is the world’s largest association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations. ATD’s members and associates come from more than 120 countries and thousands of organizations. These professionals help others achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, the ATD staff of more than 100 serves our members and customers.

  • Vanessa

    "I have been at ATD for more than a year now; and I appreciate that I am able to do challenging and rewarding work alongside wonderful people. We honestly have the best employees that I have ever encountered in an organization. Everyone is smart, fun, and extremely dedicated to doing high-quality work for our clients. We learn from one another; and that makes ATD a great place for personal and professional growth."

    Manager, Education

  • Kristen

    "Talent development. It’s not only the profession we support, it’s a culture we embrace in our own organization. ATD is a place where creativity thrives, where collaboration happens every day, and where learning is not only encouraged – it’s expected. This is a team of smart, savvy, hardworking folks who are passionate about serving our members and customers and supporting our mission to create a world that works better. We’re also a team that likes to have fun and takes the time to appreciate the good work of our colleagues. It’s a unique and wonderful experience to be an ATDer."

    Senior Manager, Communications

  • Mauricio

    "I have been part of the ATD family since June of 2009 and I am very proud to be here. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help each another. I quickly learned how great this organization is and how we consistently provide excellent tools to our learning professionals. One of the things I like most about working here is that we are able to utilize the many learning resources available to enrich our knowledge in the professional field allowing us many opportunities to grow within."

    Senior Customer Advocate, Customer Care

  • Carrie

    "ATD is the type of organization where talent, hard work, and creativity are rewarded. People who consistently give 100% will likely find many opportunities for trying out new roles, and increasing levels of responsibility. I’ve been at ATD for over five years, and joined the team after having worked with them from my role in another company. You get to see a lot about a company’s culture when you’re their client—and, it was evident to me that this was a company of dedicated employees that loved their jobs."

    Director, Government Sector

  • Shana

    "ATD fosters a supportive environment that allows for collaboration, creativity, and growth. Being a member of the ATD team means that you are a part of something great! Whether you are working on education programming or publications, all of our roles intersect to help provide great service to our field. I’m happy to be working at a place where fun, work, and my passion intersect."

    Project Manager, Education

  • Pat

    "Having the opportunity to be part of a team of smart, energetic, highly productive people is what has made my eight years at ATD a wonderful experience. Working together to achieve a common goal is serious business here and everyone takes great pride in the work we do and how we do it. If you’re looking for a place where you can truly feel accomplished this is the place to be."

    Pat Byrd
    Senior Project Manager, Credentialing

  • Cris

    "I enjoy working for ATD because of the talented group of people I am exposed to on a daily basis. Whether it’s a co-worker or ATD Member, the exposure to leaders in the training industry has been a tremendous benefit to my career. This is the reason I have continued to develop my talents at ATD since 2004."

    Senior Project Manager, Technology Department

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About ATD

king streetThe Association for Talent Development (ATD), formerly ASTD, is a professional membership association that has served members of the training and talent development profession since 1943. Its 40,000 members come from more than 120 countries and thousands of organizations in the public and private sectors and from all industries. ATD employs a staff of more than 100 employees who use technology, creativity, and simple hard work to serve members and customers around the world. ATD is a convener of those in the training and talent development field. With high-impact information, tools, and research, ATD serves as an international leader in advancing the talent development profession. Its tangible products include world-class conferences – including the premier international event for the industry, smaller workshops that equip practitioners to increase their own effectiveness, online and print publications like the award-winning TD Magazine, and books like Telling Ain’t Training, The New Social Learning, and Big Learning Data, that help link talent development to the bottom line of any organization.

Our Culture and Values

ATD encourages involvement with all employees generating ideas to drive revenue and reduce costs all while improving our value proposition and our service to the profession and society.  We are high performing and we dream big.  We are tech-savvy, constantly pursuing the next way to improve our products, services, and processes.  We are successful, embracing high expectations -- and energized by surpassing our goals.  We are constantly learning and improving, and always stretching ourselves as we help our stakeholders to make a real contribution.  We are risk-taking – and we use our failures to our competitive advantage.  We have fun while we work hard.  Our work is meaningful, helping people and organizations grow, succeed, and see results.  We are supportive and caring, helping each other to be successful.  We are leaders, for ATD, for the profession, and for society. 

values poster


Why work for ATD?

Our culture is informal.  There’s no dress code and creativity flourishes. Impromptu ice cream parties or pizza for everyone during particularly hard stretches of work help keep the culture spontaneous and provide an occasional break from hard work.

The ATD Vision states, “Create a world that works better” and at ATD, we know that connecting our employees’ daily work to the organization's broader accomplishments is essential for success.  Through Allstaffs meetings, led by our CEO, and regular electronic communications, we articulate and share this mission with each employee along with the goals of our company to ensure our people have a sense of belonging and pride. Our CEO and Senior Managers set the bar high and show by example their commitment and passion for the organization.  We strive to create a connection for each of our employees, including a bonus program tied to their accomplishments so that they know they are making a contribution to our purpose and success. At ATD, we try to create an environment of trust and autonomy that encourages creativity and motivation and allows our employees to work to their full potential without being micromanaged. 

Being leaders in the talent development field, we know the value of providing our employees with the highest quality training opportunities and have established ATD University, which provides our employees with online, onsite and offsite training opportunities. Focusing on the strengths and talents of each employee, we also encourage the development of their personal goals and provide them with growth opportunities when possible, within the organization.

ATD cares for its people. This isn’t just a motto or passing focus.  Every quarter, our CEO leads an AllStaff meeting to discuss our goals, strategies, and numbers.  Suggestion boxes, meetings and weekly newsletters are a few ways we share information with our employees, while always encouraging feedback and letting our employees know that their opinions are valued and a critical part of shaping the success and future of ATD.

gift card photoATD also sponsors reward and relaxation events (often as a surprise), such as ice cream parties, game competitions, and trivia hours. In addition to the annual summer picnic and winter holiday party, the employee-run ATD FunTimes committee plans several fun activities throughout the year, including an annual Halloween Costume contest, Secret Santa gift exchange, and occasional potluck breakfasts and lunches. This same committee also organizes various charitable activities, like a Thanksgiving food drive benefiting a nearby homeless shelter, providing back-to-school supplies for area children, accepting donations of Christmas presents for Toys for Tots, and supporting the ASPCA through employees’ monetary donations.

We believe that through these individualized and group expressions of appreciation, and by giving our employees the opportunity to be actively involved in their community, we are developing relationships with our staffers that go beyond just an ordinary job.

Our employees, called ATDers, will always be our biggest asset.  We want them to be proud of their company, our mission and goals and to know that they are truly making a difference in the world.  

What it takes to be an ATDer

At ATD, we are fully aware that our employees are the drivers behind the success of our organization: they make ATD work.

ATD looks to attract and retain candidates who will perform well and succeed both as an individual and as a part of a team and will propel ATD into the future.  We seek employees who will consistently demonstrate reliability. We look for people who will speak up and communicate constructively in a positive manner and will share information openly and willingly and who look to contribute whatever they can to help their department and ATD achieve success.  ATD employees need to have the ability to figure out ways to work together and cooperate to solve problems and to do so like it is second nature. This cooperation is evidenced by the success of our annual International Conference & EXPO, which is held in different cities around the country and attracts over 10,000 attendees from all over the world.

When their own work is done, ATD employees often respond to requests for assistance from other departments and they take the initiative to offer help. We look for candidates with this quality and those who are flexible and willing to deal with all kinds of problems in a solutions-oriented manner. 

At ATD, we look for potential employees who will care about their work, their department, and the organization and will show up everyday with that commitment, knowing that their coworkers will do the same.

Fun and Camaraderie

"We work hard while having fun" is another statement within our culture that we really mean! ATD encourages involvement not only in the profession but also internally.  We encourage all “ATDers” to take advantage of the many fun opportunities of events that we offer, for the simple purpose of taking a moment away from their work to mingle and get to know one another.  We understand it is hard for some employees to walk away from an important project to take part in a “fun” event.  We realize the importance of giving everyone some time to take a step back and realize that we are all a team.  By sponsoring these events our goal is to increase the communication and camaraderie across different departments that might not interact on a daily basis.

group 2 photo

Whether it is taking some aggression out on a piñata…..

pinata photo 
bingo photo 

….to a few crazy games of BINGO, being a kid again playing UNO…

…or just participating in a round of trivia – we put a lot of thought into how we can have every single person walk into the room, relax, and go away feeling refreshed and smiling!

group photo

A yearly holiday party, summer picnic, numerous celebrations after our various conferences are all other events we show our appreciation to the employees throughout the year.

race photo 

  nationals photo

ATD Benefits

Employment at ATD isn't just about a job - it's about our employees’ wellbeing. 

How do we address that?  With a variety of essential and fun benefits based on these core areas: Physical, Financial, Community, Social and Career. Take a look at some (but not all) of what we offer and see for yourself!

  • Medical, dental and vision benefits
  • Flexible Benefit Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement
  • Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance for you and your dependents
  • Lots of paid time off
  • Stretch - 3Day Weekend Scheduling
  • Prepaid Legal/Financial Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 403(b) Plan with company match
  • Short and long term disability
  • AD & D and Personal Accident Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Transportation Program
  • Employee Discount Program
  • Weekly Drink and Snack benefit
  • Subsidized Movie Tickets
  • Language benefit
  • Fitness benefit
  • Even Seated Chair Massages!
  • And more!

At ATD, our employees are so important that one of our core business strategies is called “Care for our People.”

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