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Chapter Administration

Learn how your chapter can succeed, inspire, and grow through strong chapter administration and leadership. Access essential chapter and board development tools to take your chapter to the next level.

Chapter Development Resources

Toolkit Topic


Business Acumen Development

This skill assessment is an opportunity for your chapter board to individually assess and get feedback on the specific abilities, knowledge, and behaviors that exemplify business acumen. In addition to being an assessment, this provides a positive model of what your chapter should look for in a potential chapter leaders.

ROI of Volunteer Leadership Infographic  Use this infographic to promote the benefits of volunteer leadership. This is based of Dr.Maureen Orey's research.

Group Tax Exemption Information

Information on the benefits of participating in ATD Group Tax Exemption as well as how to apply for inclusion.

990 Filing Information The job aid provides information on filing a 990 or 990-N for the chapter.

Incorporation Information

Incorporation helps to protect board members from liability arising from acts of the organization or its officers, board, or staff. This document provides an over of the benefits and disadvantages of incorporation as well as information on applying for nonprofit incorporation.

Area Chapter Leaders Conference

Provides information on how to outline the full life-cycle process of bringing chapter leaders together for a day of networking and best practice sharing.

Chapter Advocacy

Provides guidelines for advocacy campaigns, tips on how to communicate effectively with policymakers, and links to track legislation online. Also includes sample documents and tools to assist chapters in playing an advocacy role.

Chapter Awards

Assists chapters in the development and implementation of an awards and recognition program.

Chapter Interest Group Toolkit

Provides a guide on how to establish special interest groups (SIGs) and geographic interest groups (GIGs) within your chapter as well as manuals, samples, and best practices from your fellow chapters.

Chapter Survival

Provides tips to help chapters to remain relevant, cut costs, and attract and retain their members to not only survive, but thrive in any economic climate.


Includes templates, marketing messages, materials, and best practices to help chapters maximize ChIP revenue potential.


Provides templates and examples for chapters to develop an annual communications plan and
associated communications materials.


Serves as a guide for chapters to support CPLP and enhance chapter membership value; compiled from the research and commitment of chapter leaders across the country, doing amazing things to leverage CPLP and grow their chapters.

Employee Learning Week

Provides resources to help chapters recognize ELW through media talking points, best practices, and proclamation letter samples.

Membership Management

Provides year-round planning tools and information to support chapter efforts to retain and involve current members, as well as attract new members.

Student and New Professional Idea Book

Provides recommendations and suggested resources to help chapters reach out to students, local higher education institutions, and new professionals.

Working with Vendors

Provides a walk-through of the process of selecting and working with vendors, ideas and templates for working with sponsors, exhibitors, advertisers, and speakers

Board Development Resources



Resources by Leadership Position Sample position descriptions as well as links to CLC pages and toolkits that will help you in your leadership role.
Onboarding This new toolkit provides you with resources, guides, templates, and best practices for onboarding your new board members and getting them assimilated to your board’s culture and practices.
Succession Planning

The Succession Planning Toolkit has been created to help your chapter evaluate its future leadership and talent needs, identify individuals who can potentially satisfy those needs, and prepare an individual for her eventual role as a leader. This toolkit will help your chapter to develop the bench strength needed to assure that there are qualified people to pick up the ball when a board member leaves.

Finance Designed as a resource for a chapter finance officer, provides important information and advice on typical CFO responsibilities.
Chapter Risk Assessment Designed to be used by chapter board members to evaluate risk and determine strategies for mitigation.

CARE: ATD Chapter Affiliation Requirements

Early Submission Deadline: January 19, 2018
Submission Deadline: January 31, 2018

ATD Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) are a set of performance guidelines designed to help chapters deliver consistent benefits to members. CARE consists of elements in five key areas that are necessary for running a chapter like a business: administration, financial, membership, professional development, and communication. 

The Partnership Team, comprised of chapter leaders from diverse chapters, members from the National Advisors for Chapters (NAC), and staff, recommended a two-year pilot program as a part of CARE to the ATD Board of Directors. The Board approved the pilot program, and we are excited to share information about it with you. 

Here are the key highlights of the pilot program for 2015-2016:

  • Joint membership requirement reduced to 35% for individual chapters.
  • 50% joint membership goal to be measured in the aggregate (all chapters). View the current progress.  
  • Joint membership activities added to requirements to help chapters plan for success.
  • Rewards program to recognize top three chapters in each size category with cash and complimentary registrations.

More detailed information can be found below:


Please contact your chapter relations manager.

CARE Resources

    2017 CARE Planning Workbook
    Created to help leaders gather and document CARE-related information for the CARE survey.
    The workbook mirrors the online CARE survey. It is recommended that chapters complete this workbook prior to completing the online CARE submission. 
    2017 CARE Summary Benchmark your chapter with others. The summary includes results and demographic information based on responses provided by ATD chapters on their 2016 activities.
    2017 CARE Planning Tool
    Allows chapter leaders to keep track of the completion status for each of the 18 CARE elements and the joint membership activities. Review the CARE Planner Job Aid to learn how to implement this tool in your board meetings.  
    ATD CARE Policy
    Outlines series of actions taken to assist chapters that do not achieve 100 percent CARE.
    2017 CARE FAQs Lists answers to the most frequently asked questions chapter leaders have about CARE. 
    CARE Informational
    and Planning Webcast
    The CARE Team shares more about the process, chapter best practices, and the secrets to meeting the most commonly missed elements.
    CARE Element Quick List  A handy reference guide listing all CARE components and elements. 
    CARE Element Matrix  Lists all CARE elements, their purpose, and how chapters can accomplish them. Also includes resources available to assist with each element. 
    2017 CARE Contact
    Submission Form
    Each year chapters are required to provide ATD with its CARE point of contact for the new submission year.
    The CARE designee for your chapter will receive your chapter's unique CARE survey link and all key CARE news and updates. 
    Resources by position Click here for resources available to your specific chapter leadership role.
    Risk Assessment Guide Use this guide to conduct a risk assessment for your chapter, and achieve CARE element 1.8. Click here for a risk assessment template in word format.
    2018 CARE Board Member Roster  Template in EXCEL format that chapter leaders should use to submit their board roster with the CARE submission. (Updates should be sent to the chapter relations manager when changes occur.)
    2017 CARE Membership Roster

    A chapter's membership roster should be in EXCEL format, and list the chapter's active members as of December 31, 2017. 

Power Membership Award Winners

A component of the 2015-2017 CARE Joint Membership Pilot includes a new program to reward chapters that achieve higher levels of joint chapter-ATD membership. The rewards program recognizes the top three CARE-achieved chapters in each size category for the highest percentage of joint membership. 

The winning chapters receive a cash prize and a conference or program registration. Additionally, each chapter received a signed letter from Tony Bingham and a customized logo to recognize their achievement on their website and in chapter communications. 

The winners for the second year of the pilot and their respective rewards are as follows:

CARE Resources

The CARE membership goal helps establish that members of ATD and its chapters are part of the same organization with shared valuable resources and a shared compelling mission that effectively meets members’ professional development needs. ATD would like to give recognition to those chapters that went above and beyond the 35 percent requirement; these chapters are our membership Star and Super Star chapters!


The following chapters were 100 percent CARE achieved in 2016 and Chapter Membership Super Stars: over 45 percent joint membership:

Arkansas Chattanooga Area
 Maryland  SF East Bay
Austin Dallas  Metro DC  South Carolina Midlands
Bay Colonies Florida Suncoast  Mississippi Valley  South Florida
Big Sky Fort Worth/Mid-Cities  Northeast Wisconsin  Southwest Florida
Brazos Valley Greater Las Vegas  Northern Rockies  St. Louis
Buffalo Niagara
Greater Philadelphia  Piedmont  Utah
Central Indiana Heart of Central Illinois  Pikes Peak  Valley of the Sun
Central New York Houston  Research Triangle Area  West Texas
Central Ohio Kansas City  Rocky Mountain  
Charlotte Area Lake Superior  San Antonio  












The following chapters were 100 percent CARE achieved in 2016 and Chapter Membership Stars: 40-45 percent joint membership:

Central Pennsylvania Mississippi
Detroit Nebraska
Golden Gate Northeast Florida
Greater Atlanta Northern New Jersey
Greater Cincinnati Pittsburgh
Kentuckiana Puget Sound
Los Angeles Southeastern Virginia
Madison Area Southern Connecticut
Mid-Michigan Tulsa








The following chapters achieved 100 percent CARE in 2016: they met the 35 percent joint membership requirement:

Baton Rouge Hawkeye
Cascadia Maine
Central Florida Nashville
Central Iowa New Mexico
Eastern Pennsylvania San Diego
Greater Boston Southeastern Wisconsin
Greater Cleveland  




In response to chapter requests for clarification of what support chapter leaders can expect from ATD, a team of chapter leaders, National Advisors for Chapters (NAC), and chapter services staff outlined the Commitment to ATD Chapters (COACH), originally called the National Operating Requirements (NORE) to parallel the Chapter Operating Requirements (CORE), now called the Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE).


COACH defines ATD's responsibility to local chapters across six different areas: 1) Collaboration, 2) Communication, 3) Customer Service, 4) Feedback, 5) Membership, and 6) Operational Support. Chapter leaders evaluate the six (6) COACH categories through the annual Chapter Leader Survey.


Download the 2015 COACH (formerly NORE) scorecard and 2016 Action Plan.


Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP)

The Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) is a revenue-sharing program that offers chapters an opportunity to earn additional revenue. Through ChIP, chapters can earn thousands of dollars from business they generate for ATD programs and services. Each chapter is assigned a ChIP code. Every person that uses the source code when making an online purchase on the ATD Store will be contributing to your chapter's financial health, further enabling you to accomplish your chapter's mission.

ATD has created the ChIP Tips toolkit to help you maximize the benefits of ChIP within your chapter.  The ChIP Tips toolkit includes templates and examples, including newsletter recommendations, chapter meeting announcements, FAQs, and website samples to help you develop your own chapter materials. Also included are other ATD chapters’ examples of ideas to promote. Click here to access the toolkit.

Request Customized Marketing Materials

Chapters can request customized marketing materials to earn money for your chapter and connect your members with ATD events in your area.

Exciting feature to market ChIP

Set up your chapter promotions for ATD products on your chapter website or email promotions to automatically insert your chapter’s ChIP code when the customer checks out. Click here to find out how.

Another way to earn ChIP revenue: Job Bank

Chapters can earn ChIP commissions on ATD Job Bank postings and resumé searches from local employers they refer. Employers referred by chapters receive a 15 percent discount off the rates, and chapters earn 10 percent commission on the full price.  Download the ATD Job Bank ChIP flyer here and begin promoting this to local employers in your area today!

Earning ChIP revenue for the CPLP Learning System

Chapters receive $50 ChIP credit for each Learning System sold through the ATD Store when purchasers enter the chapter code. The ATD Learning System is the complete, self-directed learning resource for individuals preparing for the knowledge-based exam section of the CPLP™.

Q: How do I find my chapter's ChIP source code?
See the Online Chapter Directory. Chapter ChIP source codes look like this: CH1234.

Q: What products and services apply?

ATD Product
Revenue Share

New Membership*

Membership Renewal
International Conference and Expo Registration****
10% (maximum of $80)
TechKnowledge Conference Registration ****
10% (maximum of $80)
ATD Small Conferences (Telling Ain't Training, etc.)
ATD Certificate Programs **
ATD Master Series **  5% 
ATD Books and Publications ***
CPLP Learning System
ATD Job Bank employer listing
10% (maximum of $50)
Chapter Leader Conference (ALC) Bookstore

 * ChIP revenue only applies to memberships and e-memberships $179 and above. Discounted board memberships, group, student, and senior memberships are not eligible for ChIP revenue.

** ChIP revenue does not apply to certificate registrations for chapters participating in the Certificate Partnership Program. Chapters receive a 5% commission on ATD Master Trainer, ATD Master Instructional Designer, and ATD Master Performance Consultant registrations.

*** Publications can be ATD Press books and Infolines only, ordered through the online bookstore, through ATD Customer Care, or at ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC). ChIP revenue is not offered at the ATD International Conference and Exposition bookstore or the TechKnowledge Conference bookstore.

**** ChIP revenue applies to in-person conference registration.

Q: Are chapters required to participate in ChIP?
A: No. Like many ATD resources for chapters, this program was created based on feedback from chapter leaders. Individual chapters decide their level of participation in this program.

Q: How will this be tracked?
A: ATD uses an association management software package to report revenue and commissions earned for each ChIP source code. ATD runs quarterly reports that show revenue associated with each chapter code. A percentage of that revenue will be calculated based on the revenue share amount for specific products. The commission amount earned will then be direct deposited in chapter accounts. For privacy reasons, chapters will not be sent purchase records of individual members.

Q: How can I use my chapter’s ChIP code to make a purchase on the ATD online store?
A: Begin by selecting the items you want to purchase and placing them in your shopping cart. Once you are ready to check out, enter your chapter’s ChIP code where it says “ChIP/Global Network Code” on the shopping cart screen.

Q: How is the revenue share sent to chapters?

A: ATD direct deposits the quarterly commissions in chapter accounts. Commissions earned from ATD International Conference & Exposition registrations will be paid the quarter following the conference.

Q: If someone forgets to use our chapter’s ChIP code when registering for a conference or making a purchase, can our chapter still earn ChIP credit?
A: Unfortunately, this program is unable to apply retroactive commission credit. However, if someone tried to use your chapter’s code on the online store and was unable to for some reason, please contact your chapter relations manager for assistance.

Q: Do people have to be national ATD or chapter members to use our chapter’s ChIP code?
No. Anyone, members and nonmembers, can use your chapter’s ChIP source code.

Q: If a person uses our chapter’s ChIP source code to register for an ATD conference or buy something, will they get a discount?
Using the chapter source code will trigger a $30 discount on membership and automatically adjust the shopping cart rate to $199 or $319. No other discounts are enabled via ChIP code use. The ChIP code instead generates a commission for the chapter.

Q: Can chapter leaders get a list of people who purchase an item with the chapter source code?
No. ATD does not release customer purchase information for confidentiality reasons.

Q: What benefits do individuals receive by using the chapter code?
Individuals benefit with a $30 discount on national membership when using the ChIP code on the online store. In addition, they benefit by helping their chapter be more successful. Chapters are an important part of ATD and the profession as a whole. Chapters are nonprofit organizations that strengthen their communities, help people build skills, find jobs, etc.

Q: Why do some brochures with promotions from ATD come with a source code already printed on it? Can my chapter members cross that out and write our chapter’s ChIP code?
Yes. Chapters may manually add their ChIP code onto any national ATD marketing materials they are distributing to chapter members (for example, adding a sticker onto the publications catalog). ATD has a variety of ads and promotions with a variety of source codes. Chapter ChIP codes are one of many that help ATD understand now marketing programs are working.
The purpose of the chapter ChIP source codes is to give chapters credit for promotion that CHAPTERS do to their members and prospects.

Q: What if a member uses the chapter code to join national ATD at a discounted rate?
ChIP revenue only applies to memberships $179 and above. Discounted board memberships, student, and senior memberships are not eligible for ChIP revenue.

Q: Are ChIP commissions taxable?
ChIP commissions are not taxable (federal or state). Chapters with more than $25K in gross receipts that are completing Form 990EZ should indicate the ChIP commission amount in Line 8 as “other revenue” with a brief description, such as “commissions from national ATD.” Chapters with less than $25k in gross receipts that are completing Form 990N do not need to report the ChIP commissions.

ATD Education/Chapter Partnership Program

ATD chapters that promote upcoming ATD certificate programs can earn revenue (ChIP commissions) and may be eligible to receive a complimentary registration to local programs. 

Partnership Options

  • Option 1: Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) Commission
    Chapter promotes an already scheduled ATD national program to local community and chapter members. The chapter earns 10% of each certificate program registration fee for every attendee who enters the chapter's Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) code at the time of registration.

    Eligibility: All chapters are eligible to participate.

    Get Started:
    No need to sign up for this option. Simply begin promoting already scheduled certificate programs to your local community. Make sure to remind everyone to use your ChIP code! Click here to find a list of programs scheduled in your area.

  • Option 2: ChIP Commission + Marketing Partnership
    Option 2 is similar to Option 1 with an added earning bonus. The chapter promotes an already scheduled program to local community and chapter members and also sends at least one stand-alone marketing email (examples) to their chapter members about the upcoming ATD program.
    The chapter receives one complimentary registration (valued at $595 - $1,795) to a local ATD education program. The chapter also earns 10% of each certificate program registration fee when attendees register using their ChIP code. Please note: There is a maximum of one comp per chapter every six months for a total of two per year. The complimentary registration is redeemable for an in-person or online certificate program but cannot be used for ATD workshops and events, small conferences, ATD Master Instructional Designer™, ATD Master Trainer™, or ATD Master Performance Consultant™ programs.

    Chapters within a 3 hour driving distance from an already scheduled ATD Education program are eligible to participate. Read these FAQs for more details.

    Get Started:
    Identify the certificate programs scheduled for your area and determine the methods your chapter will promote to members (newsletter, website, local meeting announcement, etc.) and a date you will send an email to all of your chapter members. Complete the online form to receive the complimentary registration.

Chapter Resources

Education Partnership Toolkit
Detailed information about each option as well as a guide with marketing templates, tips, and ideas for marketing an ATD Education program to your chapter and local community.

Frequently Asked Questions
If your chapter is participating in Option 2, these FAQs answer everything you need to know to get started, promote the courses in your area, and earn a complimentary registration!

ATD Education Schedule of Programs 
Search this online list of scheduled national ATD Education Programs offered around the United States. 


For more information about the ATD Education Chapter Partnership Program, please contact your Chapter Relations Manager.

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