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Every year new leaders join your chapter’s board.  How do you get those incoming leaders up-to-speed quickly?  What’s the best way to get them the overwhelming amount of information they need?  And what information do they actually need?

This new toolkit provides you with resources, guides, templates, and best practices for onboarding your new board members and getting them assimilated to your board’s culture and practices.  The left column of the toolkit guide is itself a resource; providing a quick checklist of those topics on which every chapter leader needs to be informed.  Even if the information is specific to your chapter, you’ll know what information to gather for incoming members.  In addition, you’ll find resources on the transition process itself.

This toolkit is also a work in progress!  If you have resources you’d like to share, please send them to your chapter coach.  We’ll incorporate new material on an ongoing basis.

General Onboarding Information and Transition Meetings

Documents in this section will provide you with an overview of the onboarding process and samples of materials that can be provided to new board members during or before (a) transition meeting(s).

Your Chapter's Information

The information in this section is specific to your chapter. Consult with your chapter leadership board for relevant documents and samples.  If you do not have existing information, we encourage you to talk with your designated ATD Chapter Relations Manager or National Advisor for Chapters.

  • History/Context
  • Mission/Vision
  • Values
  • Goals
  • Key Chapter Events & Timelines
  • Chapter Successes

General Board Information

All boards have a constitution, bylaws, processes, goals, etc that new members need to understand.  Documents in this section provide samples of what some chapters provide to their board members.

Board Members as Chapter Leaders

Board members wear two hats – as leaders of the chapter they have fiduciary responsibility to and for the chapter; as functional leaders they are responsible for a particular area –  membership, programming, etc.  Documents in this section deal with the first hat and address issues around budgeting, measurement, and expectations and accountability.

Board Members as Functional Leaders

Documents in this section address board member responsibilities around the second hat and provide guidance on being an effective functional leader.

Board Meetings

Much of a board’s work is accomplished at its periodic board meetings.  Documents in this section provide samples for effective board meetings and governance.

ATD as a Partner 

All chapters have a formal affiliation with ATD. The information in this section describes that relationship and identifies resources and contacts available to chapter board members.

What's In It For Me? 

Identified in this section are benefits of being a chapter leader and ways to help new board members identify those benefits for themselves.

Onboarding and Transitioning Best Practices

While we’ve provided a number of resources for you, the documents in this section are those which are best practices.  Some of these resources are also identified elsewhere in this toolkit.

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