(From Tech Radar) -- More than two out of three UK workers (70%) are using social networks to find out about potential opportunities according to a new report.

The "UK Social Talent Management" report from Taleo Corporation found that employees use social networks to look outside rather than inside the company. With two thirds (66%) of respondents using social networks to enhance their career prospects outside of their current company while less than half (45%) use them to look for internal opportunities.

For passive job seekers, social networks are valuable for finding out about career opportunities, and keeping an eye on social networks is seen as an easy, quick way to identify available jobs within their sector.

The survey findings show:

  • 40% to research prospective employees
  • 39% plan to use social networks to find new jobs
  • 32% to apply for job roles

Ultimately, employers run the risk of losing top employees by failing to utilise these networks by choosing to instead rely on intranets and company websites.


Office staff are active across a wide range of social tools for professional purposes, with 72 percent of employees using social media at least once a month. More specifically:

  • 21% use LinkedIn
  • 20% use Facebook
  • 9% use Google+
  • 8% use Twitter

The report shows that UK businesses need to better understand the potential value of a social talent management strategy. Many companies see social networks as mere distractions for their employees rather than recognising the tremendous opportunity that they represent.

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