(From UNC Kenan-Flagler) -- You say you want to be known as a leader who builds talent? If that sounds like a reputation that you want, then there are some time-tested actions that you should be taking to build talent in your organization. Developing talent is a long-term investment that must be executed by line leaders in an organization. HR organizations can help pave the way and increase the probability of accelerating development in an organization, but ultimately line leaders must get it done. Even if a company’s practices are robust and up to date, talent management will fail without serious commitment and execution from line leaders.

We have found that there are about a dozen critical actions that all talent builders must take to ensure the development of their people. Most of these actions are not dependent upon anyone but the leader him or herself. Over the years, we have noticed that great talent builders perform most, if not all, of these actions on a consistent basis no matter what organization they are in. What follows is an action plan that will help line leaders become talent builders.

This white paper will benefit all leaders who are serious about managing talent effectively in their organization. It also provides helpful perspective for HR Professionals and Talent Management Specialists in the field. The authors, Jim Shanley, Corey Seitz and Marc Effron, are three of the world's most experienced and accomplished Talent Management Practitioners and have led the Talent Management Function at some of the world’s most successful talent machines, including Bank of America, Avon, Novartis and Johnson & Johnson.

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