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The official ASTD Blog: Training Industry News and Opinion

Sales Training: Why it Fades and How to Avoid Wasting Your Time

This month, our webinar is on sustainable sales training. We took a moment to catch up with the speaker, Michelle Teel of Vantage Point Performance, to discuss what experiences make her enthusiastic about this subject, what trainers can do to reinforce learning, and who... More »

Make an Impact: Sales Training that Changes Sales Team Behavior

Every sales trainer knows somewhere in the back of their mind when their training isn't sticking, but few do anything to change it. Instead, they focus on "should've" and "could've": The sales reps "should've" paid more attention I "could've" reached them if I had more ... More »

Free Webinar on Sustainable Sales Training!

No one likes repeating themselves. This is especially true with sales training. Trainers often discover that they may have no choice but to repeat themselves when it turns out the problems they thought they solved are still there. How can you ensure your training sticks... More »

One from the Vault: Sales Quotas and Competency Myths

As we wrap up the year here at Sales Training Drivers, we decided to take a look back at some of our previous posts. This one stuck out, because even though it was written over a year ago, the principles still apply today. So we ask: what are some ways to dispel these m... More »

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