young professionalsIf you’re a young professional in the talent development space, here are articles that you should read before the end of the year.

  • Advice for Budding Trainers: Swati Karve provides advice on becoming a trainer. It’s relevant for people who want to transition into training after having a different career or who are just getting started on their TD careers.

  • Keeping Up With the Industry Will Constantine shares his experiences about how he broke into the learning and development field and how he keeps up with our rapidly changing profession.

  • Discover Your StrengthsMegan Gomperts shares her thoughts on discovering and capitalizing on your strengths to determine what role(s) fit you best.

  • Advice for Next Generation of TD Professionals: ATD’s CEO Tony Bingham shares advice about and for the next generation of TD professionals.

Here are some excellent articles for early careerists, no matter the field.

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