By Preston Brown

Preston Brown in Making Training Strategic writes to create a plan for government managers to make training a more tactical and calculated process. Brown strives to make training a piece of a greater government plan toward a specific goal. Within the article brown list steps to form this strategy which include:

  • Linking Training to Strategic and Performance Plans
  • Linking Training to Workforce Planning
  • Current Skill Gaps
  • Future Skill Needs
  • Succession Planning
  • Identifying Strategic Performance Gaps
  • Evolving from Training to Learning
  • Shaping a Learning Culture

Excerpt Taken Directly From Making Training Strategic By Preston Brown


“Aligning training with the agencys workforce planning process also helps ensure that learning efforts will be strategic. The workforce plan should establish the agencys strategy for ensuring that it has the right number of people with the proper skills to accomplish its mission successfully.

In addition, the workforce plan should answer three key questions regarding employee skills: 1| What are the agencys current skill gaps and how can it close them? 2| What new skills will the agency need to assure mission accomplishment in the future? 3| Which leadership and technical positions are vital to mission accomplishment, and what training and development efforts are required to build a pipeline of qualified successors? “