Gov PerformanceAre you seeking proven performance practices? Do you need help assessing your agency's performance improvements? Do you think your agency can improve information exchange on priority goals? Enter the Performance Improvement Council.

PIC is comprised of the performance improvement officers of federal agencies and departments, as well as senior officials from the Office of Management and Budget. It collaborates to improve the performance of federal programs by facilitating methods to assess problems and opportunities, as well as plan and set priorities. What's more, performance improvement officers report candidly and concisely to key stakeholders to help accelerate agency and program performance improvements.

In the February 2016 article, “Inside the Performance Improvement Council", The Public Manager spoke with three performance managers—Dana Roberts, senior advisor of the PIC; Stephanie Brown, graphic facilitator, collaboration designer, and lead for the PIC Collaboration Studio; and Bethany Blakey, capability-building manager for the PIC—to garner insight on how federal agencies can better plan and execute their performance priorities.

TPM asked:

• In what ways (big or small) does the Performance Improvement Council assist federal agencies with meeting performance goals?


• What do you see as some of your greatest challenges and greatest rewards?

• What was your career path to performance management?

• Can you share an interesting project you are currently working on?

Read the complete Q&A in the February issue of The Public Manager.