New Year new YouThis time of year, it’s natural to become reflective—to reflect on the last year and on resolutions you have for the New Year.

One of my central messages in presentations is to encourage more reflection on job engagement.  We all know the statistics: Roughly 60 percent of the worldwide workforce is not engaged or disengaged in their job, otherwise known as the middle category of ambivalence.  A large reason so many people are stuck in this “blah” middle category is that they have not reflected on whether they are in the right job in the first place, or as Jim Collins said in his bestseller Good to Great, “the right seat on the bus.”

The great news is that we, as managers and employees, are already empowered to do something about it and re-cast ourselves into the right job or seat on the bus.  Ask yourself these types of questions and you may find yourself re-calibrating your job description and job duties—or taking a completely different job in a different industry:

  • Does my job make the best use of my skills and abilities?
  • Am I passionate about my job?
  • Am I prideful about where I work?
  • Do I consistently have fun at work?
  • Am I proud to work with my coworkers?

These are only a few of the most useful questions to reflect on in order to ensure you are fully engaged in your job. Check out a more comprehensive list of job reflective questions.

Are you in the right seat on the right bus?  Don’t let another year pass by without being engaged.