One of the most oft-cited numbers in the training universe tells us that 70% of all learning happens informally. And apparently, we spend a whole lot of time at work and with other people. One could then reason that a sizeable chunk of that 70% of learning happens, not when we are alone, but when we're among our peers, colleagues, and friends.

So what are some activities and interactions that learning professionals can harness to promote informal learning? In his book Informal Learning Basics, Saul Carliner breaks down these activities and provides guidelines on how you can start supporting organizational learning by promoting informal. Here's a sample:

  1. Formal courses - Ironic, but true!
  2. Lunch and learn events - Brief, balanced, and powerful
  3. Meetings - Help keep them focused and efficient for maximum learning
  4. Seminars, symposia, conferences, and webinars - Many opportunities for peer learning
  5. Coaching - Tailored feedback for deep insights
  6. Communities - These range from online forums to association chapters
  7. Mentoring - The mentor often learns as much as the mentee
  8. Networks - Encourage connections outside the work organization
  9. Peer learning - Prime example: book groups
  10. Work assignments and projects - Learning from mistakes as well as successes

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